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Can a psychologist treat mental disorders?

I am a 17 year old female. I want to know if a psychologist can treat mental disorders?

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They can if you are looking for therapy, some therapist in some states can prescribe, but I think you should be cautious about meds from a therapist and really talk to a medical doctor and get therapy with a psychologist. Hope that helps.
Yes, psychologists can treat most mental disorders with counseling ( psychotherapy) . They are usually very well trained in psychological testing interpretation and scoring. However, they are not medical doctors and are not trained and licensed in most states to prescribe medications. A patient usually sees a psychiatrist , who is a medical doctor that has completed 4 years of medical school and at least 4 years of psychiatry residency, for medication evaluation and maintenance.
Yes, depending on what the mental disorder is
Yes they can do many types of treatment . Primarily in the" talking therapy "category. Psychiatrists also treat mental disorders and often use different types of therapy, but can also prescribe medication.
Yes, psychologist can certainly treat mental disorders and help Individuals come up with a plan that includes diagnosis, treatment, and follow up.
Yes of course, they are the best
Can do therapy, which is part of the treatment for mental illnesses.
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