Orthopedic Surgeon (Orthopedist) Questions Gout

Can a surgery treat gout?

I have been diagnosed with gout, and the doctor says dietary changes will help manage my condition. But can a surgery be faster in providing relief?

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Typically, a proper diet and use of medication, especially during flare-ups, are advisable.
Gout is usually treated with prescription medicine. Rarely is surgery necessary.
Gout is not treated by surgery. Treatment involves lifestyle adjustments and medication
Medical management and controlling the pathology for Gout is the mainstay of treatment for gout. Surgical intervention is not routinely necessary, but it also depends which joint of the body is involved.
No, gout is a medical problem and lowering the Uric acid is the key
Medical and diet modification are the current treatments for gout.
Surgery can address certain issues like a gouty tophus, but surgery does not cure gout.
As doctors, we always treat patients with the least dangerous/invasive means prior to any surgery. Therefore, you would have to be treated for gout for a long time before any doctor would offer surgery. In cases where non-surgical means have failed, there are surgeries to treat a joint that has been damaged by gout.

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It depends if there is a collection of the gout in what’s called a tophi. Almost like a cyst. That can be treated with surgery. No surgery can cure the gout, though.