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Can acupuncture help me lose weight?

I am struggling to lose weight, and the process is going too slow. I have been eating healthy and trying to exercise regularly. My friend read an article recently that said acupuncture can help? Is this true? How can acupuncture help me lose weight, if it is?

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Yes, actually it is not only acupuncture, but also a change in your diet and exercises.
Yes, a successful treatment can help to 1) reduce urge to eat, 2) feel slightly less hungry, (3) take less food to feel full, and 4) will eliminate sweet cravings.
Yes, Acupuncture can help with cravings, sluggish metabolism, detoxing the body and promote weight loss.
Yes, it could help to control your appetite. But you still have to discipline yourself to cut down your food intake. What I have found over 48 years in practice in North America, we were misinformed about our food intake. The general concept of daily diet in here is 3 square meal a day and some snacks in between and the desert after dinner. If you add up all the food intake, you would surprise how much you are taking in daily. If you are young and active, you need two meals a day. As you get older, you should cut down more accordingly by your activity and your age. You have to remember the less food is the better. You will be surprised how little food you need to survive a day and we are eating every day to prepare to carry on the following day. After all, we are living a day at a time. And remember, the digestion takes the most energy out of your system and it is not worthy to waste your money and valuable energy to make your self ugly and sick.
Yes Acupuncture can help you lose weight by benefiting the Spleen energy to transform and transport and the Gall Bladder energy which is responsible for how we process fats.
Acupuncture has been shown to help with weight loss, I have helped a number of my patience with it. Often times the body gets unbalanced and is unable to process your food properly and excrete waste products properly, so we work to balance your internal systems. I’m also a nutritional counselor and with Chinese medicine and food recommendations you can work in your own time to balance your body. There are also spot treatments that can help with eating addictions.
Yes its true. We can increase your metabolism and detox abilities of your body, cut cravings and offer whole food supplements and herbs to help facilitate the weight loss
You have mentioned that you have been trying to lose weight with not much success. Please consult with your doctor to determine the cause such as underactive thyroid. Simple CBC blood test shows your freeT4 and TSH levels. If your levels are normal then I would suggest plant base diet such as no dairy, meat, eggs and exercise. Vegan diet has been proven to burn fats and also increase energy level. If vegan diet is not for you then add more vegetables and fruits, cut back on meats, sugar, dairy and eggs, smaller portions with proper exercises. Acupuncture combined with Yoga can also help you with the process. But Mainly diet. Good luck. Thanks
Acupuncture can help for the water metabolism and appetite control. Chinese herbs can also help better digestion of lipid (fat) and remove the stagnation inside the body.
It can help, but you cannot expect rapid, dramatic weight loss with acupuncture. It helps with appetite, metabolism and with the emotional aspects around dieting. Ususlly, acupuncture for weight loss is done in conjunction with herbs and dietary counseling.
There are many reasons why people struggle with weight. Once we find where the struggle with weight is, we can address the issue. For some, it is physical issues in the body which may be connected to thyroid or adrenal stress. Acupuncture is used to balance the entire endocrine system. Other times, it is a habitual response to how one handles stress and the acupuncture can be used to help the emotional issues. I combine my practice with nutrition and also help people to identify which foods are best for their body and make sure to identify and eliminate any foods that may be causing inflammation or some type of immune response in the body.
Obesity is divided into simple obesity and secondary obesity. Acupuncture has a good effect on the former. Simple obesity refers to the body's no obvious endocrine, metabolic diseases of obesity. Secondary refers to a certain disease in the body or long-term use of certain drugs to cause obesity.
It's true! There are several different ways we can work to support you in losing weight like with auricular acupuncture or diet and lifestyle counselling. We can help to quell cravings, munchies, constant hunger, etc. If there are other factors at play, such as hypothyroidism, we can work to resolve those as well.

I know losing weight can seem like an impossible task, but there is hope!

To answer your question, yes, there are acupuncture points in the ear to help with appetite control and the urge to put things into your mouth. But I also find that doing a detox cleanse is necessary to eliminate the toxins that we have all been exposed to through the air, food, and chemicals we use. This is because our livers can't keep up with all these things, so our bodies try to protect us by surrounding those toxins with fat. We diet, get rid of the fat, but as soon as we go off the diet, the fat comes back because the toxins are still there. So getting rid of toxins first is key.

I also always look at diet and eating habits, and inevitably the patient and I can come up with ways to tweak it so that the new "diet" is acceptable and palatable enough to be a lifestyle change that can be sustained. This is key to taking the weight off and keeping it off.

So yes, acupuncture can help, but it's only one tool we use to get healthy again.

I hope this helps!
Hi, thanks for your question. I do get asked this question frequently and my answer is always this: acupuncture helps balance the body‘s metabolism with proper diet and exercise. Therefore, it is a case by case basis and every person gets different results. The key is to change your diet, lifestyle habits and type of exercise your doing. We have acupuncture points that help the body with weight issues and metabolism, but I never guarantee weight loss.
Absolutely. However, like the old saying, "it takes two to tango," it's just not acupuncture. It is a combination of acupuncture, diet, exercise, etc.

Acupuncture is a modality that will help restore the function of your overall metabolism. Consistent diet and exercises along with acupuncture will definitely help as long as there are no doctor's limitations with your current state of conditions.

Good luck,

Yes, acupuncture along with a healthy diet and exercise program can help you lose weight.

Acupuncture is not a magic bullet, so please don't expect to only use acupuncture and see a dramatic shift in weight loss. Some people do report losing weight by using acupuncture alone, but those people are few and far between.

Acupuncture can help calm your stress and anxiety to help you stay on track for your diet and exercise program. Additionally, acupuncture can stimulate your intestines to help you have better digestion and bowel movements to aid in weight loss. Acupuncture also helps with sleep, so if you are sleeping well, then weight loss should be easier for you since your body heals while you sleep.

Additionally, many acupuncturists are trained in herbal medicine. Adding Chinese herbs can help with stress and boost metabolism.

Always consult your primary care physician before starting a weight loss program and check to make sure acupuncture is appropriate for you.
Acupuncture can be helpful in establishing healthy eating patterns and a healthy relationship with food. Depending on the root cause, be it hormonal, overeating, or something else, acupuncture can help in setting you up for success in losing weight.

Melanie L.Kaplan, L.Ac
Thank you for your question. There are many factors involved in considering how acupuncture can help in losing weight. In my experience as a practitioner, I like to discuss lifestyle, medical history, nutritional habits, exercise, etc. Acupuncture has great benefits to helping the digestive function work more efficiently, increase energy, improve sleep, and people become more aware of foods that will enhance their health and wellness and make better choices.


Acupuncture is working on balancing the energy in the body and the hormone levels. This is affecting your metabolism and digestion. When the body is working in harmony the process of losing weight is going faster. Also, the is an emotional component to losing weight, acupuncture can help to reduce stress and emotional eating.
Yes. Acupuncture does help people to lose weight.

Thank you for the question. You definitely have a challenge in front of you that can be daunting. I have seen many struggle endlessly with weight loss failures. In my practice, I work with a multidisciplinary approach, including acupuncture, herbs, frequency therapies, and dieting.
Hi there,

Yes, acupuncture can help with weight loss in several ways. It can reduce appetite by venting heat from the stomach meridian. Also, ear acupuncture is helpful to curb impulse response and retrain your behavior in regards to eating. Of course, you need to manage what you eat and certain herbal formulas can aid in digestion of fats or carbs and proteins.

Have a great weekend! 
Health is never an easy task; as they say, "the correct road is narrow and easy to stray from"

Acupuncture is not a 'magic bullet' that allows someone to lose weight easily, but it can help with the body's metabolism, with digestive issues, with hormonal balances, etc. You will still need to do the work, exercise, proper eating habits, etc. Losing weight too quickly is not healthy, but as long as your body is changing you are on the right track.

Consult with a few acupuncturists in your area who work with weight loss as part of their programs and find one that you feel comfortable with.
There are extensive sources online.
Hello. It depends how badly you want to lose weight. Acupuncture is not a magic. What it does is prety much helping Your body to detox itself, and yes the process is not happening overnight. However if you are complient to orders of your acupuncture physician you would be able to enjoy your results for a very long time but your treatment will include diet recomendation (according to your specific body needs) and lifestyle modifications. Some recomendations might include sleep habits and dietary intake changes. In my experience if my patients follow my recomendations, the acu treatments are extremly helpful.
Hope my answer wss helpful.
Losing weight is such a hard and personal thing. What our culture teaches us about food and our bodies is too simplistic. Chinese medicine delves into your individual system, your history and constitution to find where you may be blocked or what foods may be a better choice for you.

I've struggled all my life too, but I now have better tools and a different way of approaching this battle.

So, using acupuncture, herbs, supplements and/or foods we can help the body find a better balance to finally allow it to drop the excess, naturally.
So, there are many facets to weight gain. It could be psychsomatuc, hormonal , adrenal, gastroentestinal or psychosomatic or even misled dietary plans. So, acuoincture helps with reducing stress and getting the body out of the “ fight or flight “ mode which shuts down your digestive tract. It also helps your body process foods better and decrease malabsorption. Moreover, a good acupuncturist is schooled in nutrition as well and should be able to help with diet and supplement suggestions that may help. Be sure to get a full blood panel to rule out any Imbalances too that may be a cause.