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Can baby shampoos cause cataract?

I have been using baby shampoos regularly as a way to cleanse my external eyelids and the eyelashes. However, I recently came across an article that said baby shampoos when used in the eyes could result in cataract. What are my risks of getting cataract due to regular usage of baby shampoo.

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Thanks for your question. To my knowledge, baby shampoo cannot cause cataracts.
I have never come across anything to suggest a correlation.
Doc W
Baby shampoos are less irritating on the eyes and doctors recommend you clean your eyelids with them. Avoid excessive amounts, dilute and rinse off quickly is the way to go. It is not known to cause cataracts.
Baby shampoo cannot cause cataract formation
Baby shampoo does not cause cataracts.
No, baby shampoo does not cause cataracts. It can help to cleanse bacteria from lids and lashes in patients with blepharitis.
I do not agree that baby shampoo for eyelash scrubs has any relationship with cataract
I personally have used baby shampoo for my eyelashes for over 50 years and have prescribed it for my patients for all that time
Thank you for your question. There is no evidence to suggest that baby shampoo may cause or accelerate the cataract formation.
There is no plausible cause for developing cataract after using baby shampoo. No worries, use it on your eyelids! Washing eyelids with baby shampoo cannot by any means cause cataracts, unless you have an eye injury and open globe.
There is no risk of cataract with baby shampoo use.
I don’t think that baby shampoo can be a cause for cataracts.