Psychiatrist Questions Blood Pressure Medicines

Can BP medicines cause hallucination?

My mother recently started out with her BP medications as her blood pressure shot up to 220 the other day. She has however been complaining of visualizing things that don’t even exist. Is it due to her increased blood pressure levels or is it a side effect of her BP medications? What should we do about it?

7 Answers

Many medications can cause visual hallucinations and this must be considered with her doctor. It is also possible, but less probable that it is caused by the spike in her blood pressure.
That blood pressure is time for ER
Thanks for the question. Not knowing the medical history of your mother, or the BP medication she is taking, it is hard to give a full answer. However, I would encourage you to reach out to her primary care physician immediately as hallucination in the elderly many times are related to serious medical problems.
I don't know her age. Yes, high BP can cause delirium and lead to hallucinations. If it is frequent, then she needs to be evaluated.
Thank you.
Your mother should see her doctor ASAP as it could be either some kind of brain damage due to high blood pressure, including Transient Ischemic attack or the side effect of medication, depending on what medication it is and what dosage is being used. Sometimes, rapid lowering of blood pressure could also cause side effects if one uses an ultra high dose, particularly if they have never used it before. Hope this would help.
Consult with your LMD about the hypertensive vacillation, ask him or her to review the medication for potential side effects. Some agents can produce euphoria and other mental symptoms or unmask early dementia. Ask about psychiatric consultation.
Should get her checked. It is common to have hallucinations if patients have some mild infection like UTI going on.