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Can chewing tobacco cause bad breath?

I have bad breath almost every single day, and I'm now wondering whether or not it's due to me chewing tobacco. I do it a lot more than I used to. Could this be causing my bad breath? I'm 24 years old and male.

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Aside from the other dangers and side effects of chewing tobacco, i.e. cancer and other tumors, yes, chewing tobacco can cause bad breathe and gum disease. You should attempt to quit and seek a local periodontist for an evaluation of you oral and gum health!
Absolutely! However causing oral cancer is the real problem.
Yes, it can.
Chewing tobacco can cause bad breath, it is one of the major causes of mouth cancer and survival rate is poor once diagnosed.
Typically, neglecting your oral health by not having your teeth cleaned professionally and improper home care is often the greater culprit to having difficulties like you are describing. You should have a careful and thorough exam from a competent dentist and if there is not bone loss or tooth decay, often breath related issues arise from the stomach or lungs. A good dentist can help you with an exam.
Yes definitely chewing tobacco can cause bad breath. But possibly not the only reason for the bad breath.
Bad breath is caused by bacteria. Chewing tobacco is changing your oral bacteria and definitely can and will cause bad breath.
Yes, chewing tobacco can cause bad breath. There is a lot of sugar in chewing tobacco which feeds the bacteria in your mouth. The bacteria multiply and five of gases, which can be the cause of your bad breath. However, check with your dentist to make sure it is not something else like gum disease.
Chewing tobacco can cause bad breath because it invites more bacteria into the mouth and traps that bacteria.
The mouth odor from not flossing or brushing correctly can be overwhelming but add chewing tobacco with nicotine you can magnify the damage being done to your tooth supporting structures. With the taste in your mouth when you wake up in the morning you can't be feeling
that great. Please get to the dentist. You will have to deal with your NICOTINE habit. But you have to deal with taking care of your tooth, gum issues. Learn how to floss and brush your teeth correctly. You will be amazed how much better you will feel.
The bad
It does not only cause bad breath, it can cause much worse. Oral cancer is on the rise from many causes. Quit now!
Yes smokeless tobacco can cause bad breath but so can periodontal disease. If you haven't had your teeth cleaned in the last 6 months, that may also be the problem.
Yes, chewing tobacco can cause bad breath as well as a host of other, more serious, problems such as oral cancer. I would recommend quitting as soon as possible.
ABSOLUTELY! Tobacco in any form will cause bad breath. The thing is, it gets in your system just like eating onions or garlic. The odor releases through the skin pores for as long as 2 to 3 days, especially when you sweat. So, even brushing, flossing, mouthwash, gum, or mints don't work.
Many forms of smoking or smokeless tobacco will cause bad breath. The predominate reason is the dry mouth and resultant tars and specs of smokeless tobacco that gets stuck between your gums and roots. Biofilm such as plaque and tartar easily adhere to the remnants of smokeless tobacco and also wedges into the papillae of the tongue resulting in loads of unwelcoming odors.
Yes. Chewing tobacco can causing formation of a dark coating on your tongue that can cause bad breath. Make sure you use a tongue scraper and also brush your tongue. Chewing tobacco can also affect the tissue of your mouth and cause oral cancer.
Chewing tobacco accelerates the accumulation of plaque, which causes bad breath, and obviously tobacco does not have a pleasant smell, so it can lead to a bad odor in the mouth. So, definitely chewing tobacco can lead to bad breath. You should quit since chewing tobacco can lead to oral cancer, which is very deadly.