Chiropractor Questions Migraine

Can chiropractic adjustments help kids with migraines?

My daughter has chronic migraines, and has been this way for over a year. Do you think a chiropractic adjustment can help her? Right now she takes medication, but that's all she's treating it with. She's also 14 years old.

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Chiropractic adjustments, specifically upper cervical adjustments, have helped many patients suffering from migraines. Every Chiropractor would go through a proper assessment and evaluation to make sure that the adjustment would benefit your daughter and not put her in harms way. Your daughters age will only improve her chances of successful treatment for this condition.
She can definitely be helped with Chiropractic care. A vertebra in the neck is the most likely cause especially with teenagers who like to look down at their phones all the time.
Hi, yes, I personally went to a Chiropractor for my migraines and they went away. Sometimes the very first vertebrae in the spine can mis-align putting pressure on the brain stem leading to migraines. A proper examination and adjustment has been shown to help with migraines.
Oftentimes, childhood migraines are due to upper cervical vertebral mal-position. That can be detected by an examination and X-ray. In addition, Acusleep therapy is used an an "alpha wave generator," producing relaxation of the skull muscles and a very relieving effect of the migraine patient.
Yes, chiropractic adjustments can relieve migraines along with stretching and exercises to restore proper muscle function.
Thank you for your interest and asking about migraines.

Dr. Churchill
I have found a per cervical specific chiropractic to be especially successful with migraine headaches.
Well we would need to examine her and take a history to see what might have happen in her past. However chiropractic care has help thousands of people who suffer from migraines. We need to find out if it is chemical, emotional or traumatic induce.
Chiropractic care may help prevent or reduce the chances of migraines. There are also additional factors that may contribute to the chronicity of the migraines you may discuss with the chiropractor or your general MD.
It’s very possible that chiropractic can help with your 14-year-old (same age as my daughter) daughter’s migraines. Chiropractic adjustments can affect muscle tension, nerve function, and blood flow. If you’ve read anything about migraines, I’m sure you’ve read all about the increase in blood flow that often occurs during migraines. There are many types of migraines and I personally have had success with all of them to one degree or another. Chiropractic adjustments might only be part of the solution for her to move away from the medication. Food sensitivities, hydration, exercise and the proper amount of rest can all be important in solving the problem. If your daughter has been this way for a year and only treating with medication, you should definitely research some chiropractors in your area that deal with migraines and/or kids. You may be able to get her off the medication completely or at least reduce the need for it.
I hope this answers your question and it will encourage you to find an alternative to the migraine medication.

Best of luck!

Dr. John G. Vilkelis
It depends on the cause of the migraines, but Chiropractic Adjustments may certainly help with migraines and headaches. Especially cervvicogenic headaches, that start from misalignments in the neck.
Migraines can be from a lot of different factors. If the migraines are coming from joint, muscle, disc or nerve related issues, chiropractic could help her and that could be diagnosed from a chiropractor. If they are coming from stress, hormones, dehydration, caffeine, etc., then it won’t be able to help her. The hardest part is finding out what the cause is and what seems to trigger the migraines. Have her start with a journal. Track time of day migraine comes on, where she feels it, intensity 1-10, how long it lasts, how much water she has drank in 24 hours, how much caffeine she has drank in 24 hours, quality of sleep night before, what and how much she has eaten in 24 hours, etc. That will at least be a starting point to find the triggers.
Hope this helps!
Migraine headaches usually respond well to chiropractic care. In my practice, I review the history of injuries, diet, menstrual habits and other factors. Often a trigger or pattern emerges which must be addressed as well. In my experience, the upper neck and base of the spine are the important areas to assess. Please consult with a chiropractor in your area as soon as possible to help relieve your daughter's suffering. Care now will change her life.
The short answer: yes, Chiropractic should benefit your daughter with her migraines.

There has always been a good connection between chiropractic adjustments and migraines, but there is still much that is unknown about the cause of migraines. There is no ‘cure’ for migraines, but I’ve seen many patients have great success from adjustment starting with multiple migraines a day and progressing to months between migraines, as well as decreasing their intensity.

It will take more than one adjustment, but following the doctor’s regimen, whether it be scheduled adjustments, dietary changes, stretches, etc., your child should definitely see improvement.
Absolutely. Have her examined by a good chiropractic physician. If the doctor is able to find tenderness and muscle tension in the suboccipital area and/or trapezius muscles, manipulation may help.
Take care and be well.

Dr. Eric Miller
Absolutely! Many headaches are cervigenic. A simple cervical adjustment can alleviate muscle tension and pain.
Yes, it can help, but consider that migraines can be affected by hormones, diet and neurological imbalances too. A chiropractic neurologist would be an ideal specialist to see. A diet free of grains and sugar is also a must.
Absolutely! As a personal story, the reason I became I chiropractor was because I used to have terrible migraines that were completely resolved by regular chiropractic care. There is a huge amount of evidence for chiropractic having an amazing impact on chronic migraines, and it is incredibly safe as well. Hope this helps!
The short answer is yes. Chiropractic has had a lot of success in the treatment of migraines and other types of headaches. I would encourage you to visit a local chiropractor for a spinal exam and cervical X-rays so an accurate determination can be made.
Many times yes, but occasionally no. It depends on the cause.
Yes Chiropractic can be effective for treating migraines, especially if the Chiropractor uses cranial therapy. In some cases, young women develop migraines secondary to hormonal changes or birth control. Talk to your doctor about these possibilities.