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Can chiropractic care help with baby reflux?

My 8 month old baby has reflux. Can chiropractic care help with baby reflux?

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In my experience, yes. It is important to identify the factors that are contributing to the reflux and address those as well.
We see many infants here in my practice. We have had great success adjusting the babies which usually come in with issues of colic, reflux, torticolis, not latching, and many more issues. Many of the issues have responded well with Chiropractic Care.
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There are techniques that help Re flux, but not all Doctors of Chiropractic know and/or use them. Contact your local DC.
That’s actually something I work with quite often. There are specific techniques that really help this improve with chiropractic care.
That’s a tricky question to answer because pediatric chiropractic is a specialty all to itself for the most part. I would suggest that you see a chiropractor who is comfortable and experienced treating infants under a year old. Reflux is common in infants and oftentimes a gentle manipulation can fix the problem. If you are nursing, you should be aware that certain foods and medications pass into the breast milk and can cause that problem as well.
Sometimes it can. Have your baby checked with a D.C. that practices with pediatric patients. A thorough examination should be performed to determine the cause and if manipulation would be beneficial or if the proper referral would be necessary.
I hope this info is helpful.

Take care and be well,

Dr. Eric Miller
Yes, if the reflux is caused by nervous vagus impingement on the level of cervical or thoracic spine. If the t/8, t/9, and t/10 is pinched, for that, an X-ray of the c/s and t/s if possible, then visit a pediatric chiropractic specialist. If this is the cause, the baby will get relief. Besides reflux could be caused by other medical conditions where a chiropractor has nothing to interfere.
Chiropractic is probably the best, if not the only real solution for this problem. I know that I have helped infants with reflux. What is absolutely bad for them is Prilosec and other similar drugs. Please find a chiropractor with some experience in adjusting infants. 

All the best,

Dr. Neill H.Payne
Hi There,

There are different causes of reflux in babies, but there is a good chance that chiropractic can help as there can be nerve interference from the spine to the stomach valve allowing the reflux to occur. Not all chiropractors take care of babies. You will want to find a chiropractor that uses a light force technique like KST, Activator, Network or others.

All the best to you and your baby.
Yes this is a common ailment that Chiropractors treat in infants. I recommend seeking out a Chiropractor with training in Pediatric Care.
Chiropractic care helps to balance the nervous system, therefore if there is stress located in the area of the spine that controls the function of the stomach then this could be the cause of the acid reflux. We do see positive responses to chiropractic care in babies that are struggling with this.