Chiropractor Questions Spinal Stenosis

Can a chiropractor help with spinal stenosis?

I have spinal stenosis but I am afraid of surgery and want to try to treat it without it. Can a chiropractor help with spinal stenosis?

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Yes, it can help. I see patients with stenosis all the time to manage their discomfort.
Based upon my final results with spinal stenosis here, of all the cases that were presented to our office, at least 60-85% of these cases where resolved in 6-9 sessions (2 month period). On the other hand, the rest of the worsen cases they had to go for surgery due to increase in the initial symptoms.

Chiropractors are trained and most qualified to treat any chronic spinal disorders. Stenosis is a chronic condition that responds very favorably with instrumental adjustments, laser treatments, and ultrasound.
Spinal stenosis is when there is impingement of the spinal nerve where it exists the neural canal. Sometimes there is a genetic narrowing of the neural foramen and this requires surgery. Most often there is narrowing due to wear and tear or spinal arthritic changes. Chiropractic is a conservative approach that should be tried before surgery as it may relieve pressure from the nerve and change the dynamics of the spine. However, only surgery can make that foramen of the spinal canal larger and it has shown to be reasonably successful in alleviating pain.
Yes, but find one who is a member of the ACA ( They are held to higher ethical standards.

Dr. Simone


Chiropractic may or may not help, but if you don’t try you will never know. If you have an MRI report, I recommend you take that with you to your initial chiropractic visit.
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Dr. Duchon
If you mean by help, to get rid of the stenosis, the answer is no. If you mean to lessen your discomfort, the answer is possibly. It depends on many factors. Where the stenosis is, what is causing the stenosis, etc. etc. I or other chiropractors can't say until we see exactly what is going on.
Yes, we help people with spinal stenosis. 
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Dr. David Cavazos, Dc

Depends on the severity of the stenosis. It may provide some relief, but it may require a number of visits and at least a few weeks to see how effective it is. It is definitely a less invasive approach and you may find it provides the relief you need.
I have had great success treating patients with spinal stenosis and keeping them from having surgery. There are special adjusting techniques that will relieve these symptoms, but it is not an overnight process.

Dr. Payne
It is worth a try
Yes Chiropractic can be very helpful to patients with spinal stenosis. In general I recommend exhausting more conservative methids of care before surgery.
Stenosis means there is narrowing in your spine. The narrowing of course limits the free space that the spinal root or cord has around it. Usually stenosis comes with time as our bodies age and sustain abuse in areas we can not see.

When you feel the results of stenosis, it usually has involved some swelling due to irritation and abrasion causing your nerves to be unhappy. Depending on your condition, it's a possibility that a chiropractor could carefully move the spinal segments enough to provide some relief for awhile, but it could also stir things up too.

A chiropractor should review your films and do an examination, reviewing your situation and then only proceed with care. Gentle manipulation could be helpful, but may only carry relief for a limited time before your back gets unhappy again.

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