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I was diagnosed with gout. Can a chiropractor help me manage the pain?

I am suffering from gout since I was diagnosed 2 months ago. Do you think I should consult a chiropractor for my given condition that will help me manage my condition better? Since the pain is in my legs, I was unsure, but I want to see what all my options are.

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Yes a chiropractor can help tremendously!! Here is the protocol, let us know if we can help.:

The following is an example of the Protocol for Gout:

1. Chiropractic adjustments, care and diet as recommended by your Chiropractic physician (will discuss on first visit).

2. Optimal 1 Digestion – Take 2 with each meal.

3. Optimal 2 Vitamin/Mineral/Antioxidant – Take 2 in the morning and 2 at night.

4. Optimal Acute – Take 3, three times a day between meals.

5. Optimal Liver / Kidney – Take 2 in the morning and 1 at night.

6. Optimal Chronic – Take 2 in the morning and 1 at night.

7. Optimal Whole B – Take 1 Tbsp. a day.
Diet is your key to management. Chiropractic is definitely a miracle within itself helping the body heal naturally via innate intelligence but look to what you’re putting inside of your body.
Yes and no. Gout is a dietary problem, a chiropractor with advanced training in nutrition could help you.
Chiropractors help address the nervous system of the body. Since every part of the body communicates and is connected to each other through nerves a chiropractor could possibly help you with your gout symptoms. Chiropractors addressed the spine and the nervous system. By removing the misalignments of the spine, the body is able to focus on correcting the problems of the body. If the body is able to communicate and send signals without any delays or problems, then it can increase the signals to the immune system and focus on healing by helping to remove the build up of the uric acid. A chiropractor can also help to advise what possible options should be taken with lifestyle changes to help increase the healing process.
Hello, as you may already know Gout is a form of arthritis from the breakdown of purines into uric acid. The uric acid is then deposited into joints and surrounding muscles and tissues. Chiropractic can assist in the management of nutrition as well as the alignment of your spine. The importance of the alignment of your spine with this condition is the fact that you may have pain in the affected foot that can cause you to compensate when walking. This compensation pattern can cause you to begin to experience pain in other areas such as your legs and travel up your spine.

Now I must say, you need to seek out medical attention from your PCP to ensure there are no other underlying issues that may be causing the pain in your legs. Overall nutrition, proprioceptive training, mobility training and most importantly, the restoration of function to your nervous system can be provided by a Chiropractor. So find the Chiropractor that’s right for you and consult with them regarding the benefits they can provide as well as your concerns. Hope this helps...God Bless!
Some chiropractors are experts in the subject matter and can help you make dietary changes that can be very helpful. Not every chiropractor can help you with that, so make sure to ask when you call the office.
More than likely, gout is an issue with your diet and you will need medicine to help you with it.
It depends on the case. Gout is a degenerative disease and causes damage to your joints. In our office, we have stem cell therapy and platelet rich plasma to help the joints heal in cases such as yours.
Yes. Your chiropractor may help because the foot pain associated with gout may alter your gait. This may alter your posture and amplify associated symptoms. Getting adjusted may at least prevent additional pain in the legs.
Managing your condition naturally will be very helpful with the frequency and intensity of your flares. Chiropractors will do a assessment and determine if treatment using manipulation is helpful, but most chiropractors are familiar with nutritional and diet recommendations that would help you as well. Getting an examination is the best way to know what options you have.
If your chiropractor is educated in functional medicine or advanced nutrition, he or she can most likely help you. The pain cannot be helped with that with an adjustment without concurrently doing a nutritional change in diet.

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Dr. Kim Maziarz Carlucci, DC
Yes, by keeping your body functioning as best as it can and prescribing certain nutritional to help the uric acid get out of your system.
A chiropractor can help you with the nutritional part of gout care as there is a good chance you will have to change your diet to decrease painful episodes. There are some analgesic creams/gels that work really for the pain that a chiropractor can also help you identify. You will probably have to be managed by your primary care practitioner if changing your diet does not radically reduce the episodes of pain. Stay warm and hydrated in the meantime.
Sorry to hear about your Gout. As you may know, Gout is usually attributed to a buildup of uric acid or urate crystals within the joint. This buildup generally comes from the breakdown of Purines, which are high in red meats, shellfish, fried foods, and alcohol. There are many treatments for the symptoms. Medications such as Colchicine are the most common treatment and can be attained by seeing your medical physician and getting a prescription. Any type of physician can be helpful to treat your symptoms
if they are familiar with the condition. Most Chiropractic physicians would treat the symptoms with natural anti-inflammatories, diet modification, and supplementation to reduce uric acid levels. Manipulation of the joint will not be the answer to relieving your symptoms.
Take care and be well.
Dr. Eric Miller
Certainly, if you gout condition is complicated by a bio-mechanical issue, a doctor of chiropractic can be of assistance for management of unrelated and additional pain.

Many times, a condition of non-complicated gout can be addressed through dietary and other life-style changes. Your primary treating health care practitioner should be well versed in helping to guide you to the appropriate treatment and help! Don't give up.
Sometimes taking pressure off of the nerves can alleviate pain caused by gout.
Yes, you should consult with a chiropractor and determine if your condition might respond to chiropractic care. It’s worth a try and it absolutely will not make your condition any worse.
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A chiropractor in your area may be able to help with your gout and give you additional nutritional recommendations to reduce flare-ups.

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Dr. Caitlin Zietz, B.Sc., D.C.
Chiropractors do not treat gout, however, we can help patients manage gout. Chiropractors deal with the nervous system by looking to the spine. If a vertebra is misaligned (what we call a vertebral subluxation), it can hinder the signal from the brain to the body and vice versa. It's important to know that nervous system controls every function (heart beat, lungs with inspiration and expiration, the kidneys, etc.). If a misalignment is corrected now the nervous system can function without any nerve interference, in turn it will increase the body's capacity to operate at its optimal capacity. I hope this answers your question.

Dr. Aaron Laux, DC
Dr. Kelsoe can do a consultation with you at no charge. He can discuss alternative therapies with you at that time. You can call our office for an appointment or schedule an appointment at our website

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After the acute phase, gentle therapies with manipulation may help you.
Gout disease will be treated by special medicine, it is not a chiropractic business.
When we're talking about Gout, this is a medical condition that typically require medications to keep the symptoms from propagating towards Tophi formation at the knee and big toe areas. However, Chiropractors can play a secondary role in managing the musculoskeletal pain and tenderness that is typically associated with Gout. My advice would be to seek out a local Chiropractor that you are comfortable with and explain your condition to him in great detail. Allow him to develop a management protocol and let him treat you for 1-2 months. If you find that chiropractic therapy is indeed helping you with your condition, then keep with it. If you find that are not experiencing any incremental improvements, then you might want to look into other options.

Essentially with Gout, a modification in your diet and a keen awareness of certain triggering foods will typically keep the condition from propagating to a severely symptomatic situation.
Chiropractors that are trained in functional nutrition can help patients manage their gout and the pain that goes with it. You can find one by following this link: