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Can chiropractors prescribe medications?

I'm going to a chiropractor for back pain, but the pain is so bad--I don't really feel like it's working. I would like to try having chiropractic care alongside medications, like muscle relaxers, or something. However, I don't want to ask my chiropractor in case he doesn't prescribe anything. Are chiropractors allowed to prescribe medications?

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You don't have to live on painkillers or even mask your pain with muscle relaxants. We had patients just like you in much pain, but they became better in no time.

Dr. Majed Nagoulat, D.C.
Chiropractors can not prescribe medication. They specialize in non-surgical and drug free treatments to correct musculoskeletal conditions causing pain. The medication would have to be prescribed by your medical doctor. Keep in mind the meds are only designed to help with symptoms, not correct the cause of the symptoms, so while they may provide temporary relief, it's the chiropractic care that leads to long-term correction.
No. And your chiropractor should not judge or be offended by any question you ever have. Every question is very important to ask.
They can not prescribe prescription drugs, but should be able to recommend ice for 20 min plus a natural muscle relaxant like formula 303 from Dee Cee labs (your chiropractor might sell or offer something simple) or magnesium glycinate which you could probably find at the health food store or online.
Chiropractors do not prescribe medications. But if you see a medical chiropractor, they are able to do Physiotherapy or Laser therapy on you and that would be more effective than medication.
Chiropractors are not allowed to prescribe medications and most would not even if we were because of the severity of side effects.

However, most Chiropractors have some knowledge of nutritional supplements that will help manage the pain. The main reason why Chiropractic does not always feel as if it is working is because most people wait way too long before they get treatment and then expect Chiropractors to put them back together in a handful of treatments. There are so many various accumulative lifestyle issues from our "entire life" that feed into our bodies ability to repair itself. The pain is often the last symptom to show-up. How long do we keep ignoring that "Check Engine Light" before we actually do something about it?

I recommend that if you truly want to get better that you consider the lifestyle changes (including the recommended) nutritional advice. Most of all, I recommend you have patience. Unfortunately, the extent of the damage done throughout our entire life will not change in a handful of treatments.
No they do not but many offer natural anti-inflammatories to help alleviate the pain. You might also consider going to an integrated practice where they have both MD and Chiropractor in the same office.
Chiropractors cannot prescribe medications. We can recommend all natural supplements that can help, but nothing more.
Chiropractors cannot prescribe medications.
Chiropractors do NOT have prescription rights. I would urge you to talk with your present chiropractor if you have a good relationship with them. They may have an alternative method and should be willing to co treat your condition with an MD who can prescribe. If you are unsatisfied with them, I would be happy to consult with you and see if I offer anything significantly different than what you have currently been receiving.

Jeff Gilbert, DC
No, chiropractors can not prescribe medications. However, some doctors work closely with medical doctors or nurse practitioners who may be able to do so if your pain is so bad that it's hindering your ability to get treatment or do your prescribed exercises. I would recommend verbalizing your concerns to your doctor.
Absolutely not!
No. Sometimes we can suggest effective herbs.
No. Chiropractor can only recommend OTC medications.
Chiropractors cannot prescribe pharmaceuticals, however, certains supplements do have very similar benefits without the adverse affects. Most importantly, I encourage you confiding in your chiropractor discussing your concerns, including a possible referral if you and them feel it appropriate.
Unfortunately, no chiropractor is able to prescribe medication. It is possible to seek co-management of your condition with a referral from your chiropractor to an medical doctor specializing pain management. This way you can continue chiropractic care and be prescribed medication for your pain.

Some states allow chiropractors to recommend natural herbs and/or vitamin supplements that may help manage inflammation as well as reduce pain. However, this all depends on the severity of your condition as these methods may take days to weeks to take affect.
In the majority of the States, Chiropractors can not prescribe medication. With that being said, if you need medication I would co-manage your case with your DC and MD. They should be well trained to work together to ensure you are able to begin the healing process.

Chiropractors are not allowed to prescribe. You should speak with your chiropractor about your pain levels. Chiropractic is a process and while you may still feel your pain at present, if you give the process time to help you - it will! All the best!
It depends on what state you live in. I know most states don't allow chiropractors to prescribe. However chiropractors work in the natural to let the body heat itself, but if you feel you need medication you can get your medical doctor to prescribe you something for the pain and your chiropractor can help get to the cause of your pain and you may heal a lot faster.
Chiropractors are not allowed to prescribe or alter any patient medications.
The simple answer, is no. Chiropractors have access to most all message of healing, but we do not use any kind of pharmaceuticals, or surgical interventions.

To that point, there are many other options for pain relief other than adjusting, or medication. Many chiropractors are skilled in nutrition and there are plenty of nutraceuticals, or herbal remedies that will do a great job relieving pain. If you are chiropractor that you're saying doesn't offer those things you should definitely seek them out otherwise. Especially with all of the danger of abnormal chemistry, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, even like ibuprofen aspirin acetaminophen all have negative consequences when there are much safer other natural means to reduce the symptoms of pain, while your body heals from the real trouble.
NO! Chiropractors cannot prescribe medications. It is not permitted in our license. Many chiropractors may recommend an over-the-counter supplement that may be just as effective as medication. For instance, I recommend Solgar Curcumin ([] []) for inflammation. If medication is needed. I would recommend you talk with your medical doctor. There are times where medication along with chiropractic care would provide the best benefits, but a consultation with your chiropractor would be the first approach I would recommend.
The short answer is no. There are very few states where special DCs can prescribe some anti-inflammatory and pain meds, but it's very limited. I suggest looking up the Alpha-Stim micro current device. We utilize these on a daily basis for acute pain with good results.