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Can coffee make my teeth become blackish?

I'm 30, and I have at least, like, two cups of coffee every day. One in the morning at work and the other at night when I'm relaxing. But lately, my teeth look a little blackish. Could this be from the coffee?

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Hi, yes coffee or any other dark drinks like tea or red wine often stain teeth. If you would like to minimize this, try rinsing or brushing your teeth after you are done drinking. A dentist or dental hygienist may also be needed to remove older, tenacious stains.
Absolutely. Try drinking it with a straw

Yes, coffee can stain teeth.

Thank you for your question.
Not likely. It may be plaque, calculus building up which would be made darker via coffee.
Yes over time coffee does stain teeth.
Yes it is possible for coffee to stain the teeth blackish. Coffee contains an ingredient called tannin, which causes coke compounds to adhere to your teeth.
Coffee can stain your teeth.
Usually staining of your teeth comes from coffee or tea. However, it can be a cavity as well. Best thing to do is to go see a professional dentist or hygienist to remove the stains for you that way they can determine if the stains are from coffee or an actual cavity.
Coffee, tea, berry juices, plus a number of other items can stain teeth. Two cups of coffee a day is not a a major contributor. I have family members who drink as many 14 cups a day. If your teeth appear to have a blackish tinge, I would suggest you visit your dentist first. Some times gum issues can change the color of your gum tissue. Are you flossing and brushing morning and night? Cleaning your tongue with a tongue cleaner or turning a tsp with the round side towards your palate. Place the spoon as far back on your tongue as possible. Move the spoon gently scraping towards the outside of your mouth. You will see a slimy whitish little pile of debris. That is what has been out in the nooks and crannies of your tongue. Rinse your mouth with warm salt water, then gargle. Flossing will save your teeth. Brushing with a soft toothbrush at the gum line gently back and forth. You brush the gum line all around, where your tongue rests, and the palate, flat surfaces next. If you have gum issues, get them resolved. We control gum problems with good home care. You can use baking soda on your toothbrush and brush gently while resolving any gum issues.
Coffee, tea, red wine, tobacco, and other highly pigmented foods and drinks can create surface stains. "Black" stains can also be attributed to specific OTC mouth rinses. As always, seek the care of a dentist for any concerns for your oral health.
Yes, coffee, tea, and other colored liquids can and will darken the teeth. You should have a professional cleaning and possibly a professional whitening procedure of your teeth.

Greg McElroy, DDS

Yes, coffee can discolor teeth. I would advise to brush right afterwards or use a sonic toothbrush.

Dr. Khaja Mohsinuddin
Great question and thanks for reaching out. In addition to coffee, many foods and drink (wine, tea, blackberry, blueberry, etc.) and tar from tobacco will leave some pretty heavy stain. Another significant concern can be old fillings decaying or new decay typically on the front teeth along the gum line.
Yes, Coffee and tea stains occur when tannins in both of them build up on tooth enamel. Tannins are organic substances found in plants. Tannins in coffee, tea and even wine can lead to stains on teeth. Black teas and dark coffees are the biggest culprits when it comes to teas.

Kiranpreet Kaur DDS
Yes coffee can stain teeth over time. It could also be the coffee staining calculus that has built up on your teeth if you haven't had them cleaned recently.

Any colored drink can cause staining of our enamel. This includes ice teas, sodas, coffee, red wine, medications...any color drinks. Don't worry, it's only superficial. Your hygienist will be able to remove external stains. You will notice more staining of our teeth when we have more dry mouth. Sometimes it happens with allergies or stress. Just try to place milk or creamer in your coffee, rinse with water afterwards, and visit your hygienist

Yes coffee can stain your teeth but if you brush your teeth right after you can minimize the stain. Also once a day you can brush with a whitening tooth paste. Don't over do it though since it can make your sensitive. Enjoy your coffee.
Coffee can stain your teeth, however, the stain from coffee is usually brown/yellow staining. Anything that can stain a white cotton T-shirt can stain your teeth. While the coffee is probably contributing to your stain, it may not be the whole source of the stain. Therefore, I would recommend seeing your dentist to rule out other issues, such as cavities and calculus, both of which are common to have a blackish color.

Yes, studies have shown coffee, tea, and red wine to be big contributors to teeth stains. You should talk to your dentist about whitening options.


Dr. Gahwa Lee
Yes, coffee can and will definitely stain your teeth. The longer it sits, as in sipping it over a period of time, the more staining qualities it has. Coffee, tea, and red wine are the worst stainers. I would suggest brushing immediately after consuming any of these.
It may be from the coffee. You should see the dentist to see if it is tartar that is stained because of the coffee or the maybe some cavities. You need to be evaluated.
Many things stain our teeth including coffee, tea, tobacco, spaghetti sauces, red wine, etc. Have your teeth professionally cleaned and they should be able to remove most stains. Professional whitening may help with the discoloration.