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Can a dental implant fall out?

I had a dental implant place two years ago, and the implant feels loose. I can actually wiggle if I try to. Is it possible for these implants to fall out?

8 Answers

It is either the crown, or tooth part, that is loose or the implant itself. If the crown is loose, it needs to be tightened back down. If the implant itself is loose, unfortunately, it will need to be removed.

You need to see an oral surgeon who will take an X-ray and exam and evaluate if it is a crown part which is loose or if it is the implant itself.
It is possible that just the crown is moving. Will need to be tightened or recemented. You should go see your dentist ASAP.
It is possible for an implant to lose integration or become loose but it is not common. It is also possible that the crown or the abutment is loose. I would recommend that you return to the dentist and have it evaluated.
More often than not, it is the crown on the implant that may be loose. Sometimes the screw that holds the abutment or anchor part to the implant can come loose. This may be difficult to tighten, but it can be done, yes.
There is a possibility that a dental implant can fall out. It is recommended that you schedule an appointment to have it evaluated as soon as possible.

When an implant is loose, it means that the supporting bone is wearing away. Most likely your implant has gum disease. Having an implant procedure is usually done because of
missing teeth. You may have had an accident, or you are familiar with gum disease. There are procedures using lasers that can stimulate bone development, and with good home care, you can keep your implant and the rest of your teeth. You need to decide what you want to do and talk it over with your doctor.
Yes, but it is also could be the post getting loose, not an implant itself or a crown. See a dentist who works in implants.