Psychiatrist Questions Depression

Can depression cause physical symptoms?

I am undergoing treatment for my depression which is due to a major hormonal imbalance in my body. I have lost 10 lbs in a month without trying and sometimes suffer from body pain. Are all of these connected?

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It is likely. Talk with your doctor about all your symptoms.
Depression can manifest in mental as well as physical (somatic) symptoms. Somatic symptoms or somatization can be very disturbing. They can present as headaches, nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, body aches, insomnia, dizziness, stop menstruation for months, Cause rashes on skin, ulcers in mouth and others. They resolve with treatment of depression.
Yes it could cause physical symptoms. First, always make sure that there is no problem medically that could be the reason. If all is good physically then depression could be the cause. Once depression is treated then the rest would go away on its own.
Physical symptoms are common in depression. Loss of appetite and weight loss are common in more severe forms of depression. Other common physical symptoms are poor memory, and inability to enjoy oneself. many different treatable medical illnesses may need to be ruled out by various tests. Suicidal thoughts or doubts about the value of life may occur. Usually these symptoms occur in more severe depressions. For these reasons one should consult a medically trained doctor (psychiatrist) who can either run certain tests or make a referral to an appropriate medical specialist to be sure that the correct diagnosis is established treated, antidepressant medication can be started if the symptoms are severe and especially if the individual has suicidal thoughts or impulses. PET Scans of the brain show changes when a patient is depressed that revert to normal when depression is successfully treated with medication. (Fawcett et al, "New Hope for People With Bipolar Disorder") Pain is another symptom that can be aggravated by depression. It is especially important to seek treatment if you have suicidal thoughts or impulses along with other symptoms.
There's not enough information to answer your question rationally. The hormonal imbalance, which I don't now what it is, may be causing many symptoms, including your depression. Your endocrinologist should make sure that your hormonal imbalance is corrected and under control before conclusions on the causes of other symptoms are reached.
Depression can certainly cause decreased appetite, which is one of the possible explanations for the weight loss. How did your doctor reach the conclusion that it is due to a hormonal imbalance? Which tests did he order when he worked you up for depression? Which hormone did he mention was involved?
Weight loss is a common symptom of depression. You want to have your regular primary care provider do a thorough evaluation to make sure it is not something more 'medical.' If not, depression can certainly do it.

Possibly. But, I would be suspicious that the consumption of lectins in your diet may be causing your body pain. To understand more about that, I’d recommend you read, The Plant Paradox by Steven Gundry, M.D. Lectins are a group of inflammatory proteins that are in high levels in grains, seeds, legumes (including peanuts and cashews), and seeded vegetables like tomatoes, squashes, and cucumbers. They can pass through your gut lining and then fool your immune system which not only goes after the lectins, but also can attack organs, nerves, joints, and other tissues of the body causing a variety of symptoms from depression to pain to rashes, weight gain/loss, and a myriad of other conditions. Gluten is a lectin. Lectins are a plant’s way of making its predators, like us, sick so that we won’t eat them. This information only scratches the surface, but do read Dr. Gundry’s book. You can get it on Audible if you have the App and prefer to listen to the book instead of read it. Of course, without many more details about your medical history, I can’t say for sure that this is what’s behind your present symptoms, but it’s definitely worth reading about and considering.
Please get a physical exam and basic labs to be medically cleared. If this is just depression, it will get better.
All the best.
Yes depression can cause tiredness, and body aches. It can also cause problems sleeping, decreased appetite and decreased concentration. It is important to report these symptoms to your doctor as they can indicate an incomplete response to depression treatment. Treating to full remission would eliminate these symptoms if they are due to your depression.
Yes and we call it depressive equivalent. Some people depression is. Represented by somatic manifestations. These people see many physicians before they get the right treatment.
Depression is not just limited to mood symptoms. Patients can experience a whole range of physical symptoms with variations in severity.
Depression, unfortunately, is a chronic and multi-system disease affecting mental, physical, emotional and cognitive domains of our life. And yes, in my opinion, it all could be related because of natural connectivity of the mind and body.
I understand your distress.
Depression can cause physical symptoms, such as loss of appetite, loss of weight, and body pains.
Have Therapy by a Psychiatrist and discuss Medication for treatment.
Depression treatment has good results to improve your functioning.
I don't know what the normal imbalance is or means. Depression can cause pain and weight loss, but so can medical problems that cause symptoms of depression, which is not depression