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Can diabetes cause erectile dysfunction?

My husband has been diagnosed with diabetes about 2 years ago. He has been on medication. Lately his sex drive has decreased significantly. He also had erectile dysfunction a couple of times. Could it be because of diabetes?

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Erectile dysfunction, depending on age, is by itself a major cause or ED. Many other meds and disease states that come with dm also cause problems with libido and sexual activity. About 30% of men can have low testosterone, which can cause the problems, but it is a very inaccurate test and needs to be done at the proper time and settings.
Erectile dysfunction is commonly associated with diabetes mellitus.
Yes, diabetes may cause erectile dysfunction due to vascular and neurological involvement of male genitalia. Good control of diabetes, weight, blood pressure, and lipids are essential in preventing or limiting this complication. It is also important to review medications being taken for other diseases to make sure they are not contributing to the impotence. Loss of desire (libido) can be caused by low testosterone levels, chronic disease, anxiety, or depression, which should be addressed. Testosterone levels are done at labs. Usually, a combination of testosterone and viagra are helpful in restoring potency. It is a difficult problem.

Marvin A. Leder, MD, FACP, FACE
Yes, it could. Decrease in libido (desire) & ED (erectile dysfunction) is very common in diabetes and can be due to many factors. Poor diabetes control can affect male hormone secretion, lessening desire. High blood sugar can damage the nerves to the penis that control erections.
Erectile dysfunction is more common in diabetes. However, sex drive reduction may be a symptom related to decreased testosterone levels.
Yes, poor diet, lack of exercise and weight issues that coexist with diabetes and many chronic disease can lead to ED. Speak to your endocrinologist.