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Can facial massages help ease tooth pain?

I am a 36 year old female. I was wondering can facial massages help ease tooth pain?

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The answer is it may well help a feeling of pain from a tooth but it will not relieve actual pain from a tooth.
In some cases, applying pressure to an area of tooth pain may give you some very temporary relief. My best advice is that you see a dentist if this is a persistent problem.
No. Tooth pain in from the nerve of the tooth caused by inflammation from infection. Go to the dentist and fix your tooth.

Dr Jensen
It may help some weight by bringing my blood circulation to the area. It might be better at trying some acupuncture points to give you relief or homeopathic remedies

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Dr. Mark Berkowitz

Crystal Cinelli, LMT
Yes, it can.
Tooth pain can have a verity of different reasons. Please see your dentist for further evaluation.

What a delightfully interesting question. It is a normal characteristic of people to rub something that is causing them pain. For example, when someone bumps their arm they tend to rub it with the other hand for a couple of minutes. The reason for called the pressure-gate theory; which is a fantasy name for a theory that says that when it comes to pressure and pain signals, pressure will get through to the brain before pain does.
If we apply the pressure-gate theory to the facial massage question the answer is yes, facial massages will help ease tooth pain. As a matter of fact the first thing someone does when they have tooth pain is to put their hand over the tooth that is bothering them and subconsciously start rubbing it. This means that the pain signal going to the brain will get interrupted in favor of the pressure signal, easing the pain.
It is important to know that the pressure-gate theory does not eliminate the pain because it does not get rid of the source of the pain. It only eases the brains interpretation of pain. It is recommended that a facial massage only be done to relieve pain while getting the cause of the pain treated. Hope this helps

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William F. Scott IV, DMD
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