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Can I have sex after 13 days of hernia surgery?

It has been around 13 days since I had my hernia surgery. Is it safe to have sex. If not, then after how many days is it advisable.

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Depends on what type of surgery you had. After laparoscopic surgery, normally it will not be a problem. If not, then it depends on your symptoms. If you get pain, then give some more time until the symptoms resolve.
4 weeks, see our website for further information.
No problem
I would not prohibit it in my practice but I would suggest you be on the bottom for the first time to see how things go.
I advise no heavy lifting or overly strenuous activity for 6 weeks after a repair. Without viewing the hernia incision to determine if it is infected or in danger of opening, I would say as long as the sex is not strenuous or you are not lifting up your partner, it generally is safe at this time. Of course, if you feel any pain or discomfort to the area, I would advise to stop that particular activity or stance.
You should be able to. It will depend on the type of hernia and the method of repair. Generally you should not do heavy lifting for 5-6 weeks
Hello, 13 days after any surgery specially this delicate I would suggest that you always wait at least 6 weeks in order to resume sexual activity. Trauma such removing a hernia leaves you with a lot of scar tissue even if the surgery had being done laparoscopetly.
If you have other questions I suggest you contact your ginecologist or Primary care physician
Thank you and take care, have a safe recovery
Dr. Carter
The doctor that did your surgery is the best one to answer that question. Sometimes, a partner can make it hard to say no to, but if you want to get over your surgery, do what the doctor said to do. To mess up what has been done would be very painful and could make you have to go through it all over again. I tell all of my patients no sex for 6 weeks. Ask your Doctor!!!!
I have never forbidden it, but I would suggest you try the bottom and inform your partner to be gentle until you know what you can handle.
It depends on the type of surgery performed and how it was performed. It is usually ok to engage in sexual activity, but the big picture is that you have to pay attention to your body. If you have pain, then stop.
I tell my patients to let pain be your guide. If it hurts, do not do that activity, regardless of whether it is sex, jogging, biking, etc. Do not try to "power through" any activity if it causes discomfort. The hernia is about 90% healed at 2 weeks and 97% healed at 4 weeks. Unless you are trying to injure yourself, it would be hard to disrupt your repair.

I would recommend discussing this with your surgeon directly in case there are subtleties to your operation that would require further rest.
You must wait for at least 3 weeks to resume sexual activity.
If you do not have pain you may otherwise Z6 weeks wait.