Podiatrist (Foot and Ankle Specialist) Questions Heel pain

Can heel pain be treated surgically?

Lately, I have been experiencing a sharp pain in my heel on my right foot. I have diabetes. Will I need surgery to correct this pain?

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His ally is no surgery. Stretching, icing, NSAIDS, even injections. There are surgical procedures as well ..... as a last resort!!!
The pain you are experiencing can be due to many different causes. This type of pain is most of the time treated with non surgical conservative care.
It can be handled surgically, but usually resolves with stretching.
Could be diabetic neuropathy which surgery would not fix. Could be plantar fasciitis which if conservative treatment fails then surgery could help.
No. 95% of heel pain can be treated very successfully without surgery.
Almost all foot and ankle conditions have multiple options for treatment ranging from conservative to surgical. There are many factors that help make the determination as to whether surgery would be necessary.
In my practice, it is rare to perform surgery for the most common type of heel pain, Plantar Fasciitis. 99% of the time I am able to resolve the problem conservatively if this is the diagnosis. However, there are other diagnoses that could cause heel pain. Your Diabetes may or may not come into play. But being Diabetic, you should never hesitate to see your Podiatrist about the pain, as there could be something more serious happening. The worst thing would be for you to end up having an amputation because you ignored the problem. Make an appointment with your Podiatrist immediately
Pain in the heel can have several causes. I recommend you make an appointment to be evaluated by a Foot and Ankle Surgeon (Podiatrist) so a diagnosis can be made and the appropriate treatment can be started. Being a diabetic, you should be evaluated on a regular basis
Not necessarily. Most heel pain can and should be treated non-surgically. See your doc about support, physical therapy, stretching, and orthotic options.