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Can hypothyroidism hair loss be reversed?

I'm 34 and have been dealing with hypothyroidism for about a year. One of the effects it has had on me is hair loss. Can this hair loss from hypothyroidism be reversed?

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Hypothyroidism usually causes hair to become drier and coarser. Because of this, it is definitely more prone to breakage. These effects should be reversed when thyroid function returns to normal. However, if you are seeing bald spots, it makes me concerned that you may have hair loss due to a reason other than your thyroid. Especially if you have Hashimoto's thyroiditis. If you have one autoimmune condition, you will have a greater risk of another autoimmune condition. Some of which can cause hair loss like Lupus. Talk to a dermatologist.
Normally it should grow back. If your TSH is in the normal range and your hair isn’t growing get a scalp biopsy. Hair loss can be a separate disorder.
It depends on how long you have the hypo & how severe the hair loss is from the death of the hair follicles from lack of thyroid hormone. If the hypo is picked up early and treated, there may be many follicles still alive & can grow when they get enough thyroid hormone. But if picked up late, the follicles may all be dead. I don't remember a resurrection since 2000 years ago. So, get treatment early & sufficiently & the hair may come back.
Yes, the hair loss is usually transient and stops unless you develop concomitant slope, which is a cousin autoimmune disorder that can result in permanent hair loss. Other contributing factors can be iron deficiency and stress. Male hormone excess can lead to frontal hair thinning.