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Can kidney infections go away on their own?

My 14 year old son was diagnosed with a kidney infection. Can kidney infections go away on their own? Or does he need specific treatment?

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With the appropriate diet infections can resolve naturally via the body’s immune system! Lots of rest and water with the right type of food intake is key.
Usually not see your doctor
If it is a true bacterial kidney infection, usually pts should be treated with antibiotics to avoid scarring of the kidney.
Sometimes if they are very mild, they may spontaneously resolve.
Well, in the world of "life before antibiotics," I am sure that someone at sometime had a kidney infection resolve on its own. That said, that person likely had tremendous kidney damage with scarring that limited his life span. In the present day, we do not let infections of kidney's go untreated. They are things treated with antibiotics and often can be resolved easily. In certain cases, kidney problems are found to be predisposed to infections that need to be found and addressed to prevent reoccurrences.
Hope that helps. Good luck to your son-oh and I am not a pediatrician so this is best addressed with someone who is.
I am sorry to hear that about your son. It is unusual for boys to get "kidney infection" but if such problem was diagnosed he must receive antibiotics. He also may need to be seen by a pediatrics urologist to rule out any urinary structural abnormality which could predispose him to kidney infection.
So the answer to your question is that it should not be untreated to resolve on its own.
Kidney infections need to be treated with antibiotics. Son needs to be worked up with kidney & bladder ultrasound as a minimum. Would recommend seeing a urologist.
It is possible for a kidney infection to go away on its own. I am more concerned about why a 14 year old boy should get a kidney infection, so he should be evaluated for what might be wrong with the bladder, ureters and kidneys.