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Can a massage actually hurt my back?

Yesterday, I had a massage but now my back is hurting pretty bad after it. Why did this happen? Is this normal after a massage?

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It’s important to properly hydrate after the massage or yes one can feel bad afterwards. Massage is wonderful I would recommend you try another modality and not give up on this wonderful healing touch❤️
It can happen. Is this your 1st massage ever or in a really long time? Did you drink plenty of water right after and for the next few days? Did you let the therapist know how the pressure was for you while getting a massage? There are so many factors that could make your back hurt. Also, did you ever injure your back? Do you stretch daily?
Massage therapist who don't adequately warm up tissues before they go on with deeper pressure can cause pain and soreness. Next time ask for less pressure
Hi there,
Our muscles are very reactive as they should be. If you were not very hydrated and it had been a while since your last massage yes It's very normal to be sore up to 2 or 3 days after your therapy. I actually had a massage yesterday and I'm feeling it when the back of a chair hits my back. If It's hurting "pretty bad" though your therapist may have gone to deep.
That can happen. If they work the muscles deep, and they didn’t tell you to ice afterward and drink water it can cause more pain than you had before. Whenever you get a massage you want to drink lots of water and if they worked one spot pretty good, make sure to ice it