Optometrist Questions Blurry vision

Can blood pressure medicines cause blurred vision?

I have recently started blood pressure medication. I noticed around the same time that I am having blurred vision. It's not severe or affecting my driving but it's really scaring me. Could it be a side effect of the medication?

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Great question. Have you had a recent eye examination and been diagnosed with glaucoma? Calcium channel blockers and diuretics are commonly used to lower blood pressure. They can make glaucoma advance more quickly. ACE inhibitors have less risk in this regard. Please speak to your prescribing doctor about your concerns.

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Dr. John Lowitz, OD
Yes. It could be.
Yes, depending on the ingredients of the medication, there can be some blur side effects.
A number of meds can cause vision loss, taste, hearing, or more. For example, alpha blocker for high blood pressure or prostrate can cause high blood pressure or pain. Similarly, ciprofloxacin can cause double vision. Consult your health care provider if you are facing any side effects.
Yes. Read the side effect insert that came with your medication. If it doesn’t go away, discuss with your doctor about alternative treatments.
Yes, blood pressure fluctuations can affect vision. Tell your doctor about the symptoms, and they can adjust the meds or recommend an eye exam.

Vissett S Sun, OD, FAAO
Yes. Blood pressure medications have various modes of mechanism. Sometimes, they may have an overall "drying-out" affect, which could cause increased dryness and subsequent blurred vision. Other medications could lower the blood pressure significantly, so that there is less blood flow up to the optic nerve and/or retina. This could also have an impact on vision.

I would recommend coordinating your care between your primary care (or cardiologist) and your eye care provider so as to best manage your needed medications and potential side affects.

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Dr. EM
Literature doesn’t indicate blurry vision to be a side effect
The medication can cause this type of symptom. However, it is always recommended that you have a comprehensive eye examination if this type of issue arises because it is possible that your medications and/or dosage needs to be adjusted. If you would like, you can contact my office for an evaluation at 281-469-1089.

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Dr. David Johnson
Yes, many systemic medications (including BP meds) have a side effect of blurred vision, and sometimes from dry eyes. Check with your local optometrist to make sure everything else in your vision system is healthy.