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Can naturally yellow teeth be whitened?

I am a 23 year old male and I have yellow teeth. Can naturally yellow teeth be whitened?

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Yes there are different kind of at home & office treatments that can whiten your teeth.A dental exam is necessary.
Most teeth can be whitened. The best types of whitening is done through your dentist. Toothpastes will not work. Talk with your dentist. It’s quite easy.

Dr Jensen
Your teeth will lighten, but more than likely not "whiten." Teeth have a variety of colors within them like blues, grays, reddish/orange within the dentin layer just under the enamel layer. Anything that will stain a white shirt will also stain your teeth. Using a good electric toothbrush will help eliminate extrinsic stain. I recommend using the chairside bleaching (aka laser whitening) because your teeth will get as light as you want them to be in the one session and touch up with trays once a month there after. Otherwise, the entire time you are using trays for two weeks minimum, you will not be able to eat or drink anything g that will stain a white shirt. The napkin test advertised on tv is not ideal. Not one human should have teeth that white! Your tooth shade should match the whites of your eyes for the ideal "whiteness." Anything lighter than the whites of your eyes looks like a neon sign or Ross from "Friends."
If it is a stain that is from drinking coffee or tea or soda then yes! If your teeth are yellow from being sick as a child and taking antibiotics then no...I would go see your local dentist and ask them what they think!
Hello, yes you can whiten your natural teeth. Please consult with a dental professional that can provide you with a professional whitening experience. Thank you for your question.
All shades of teeth can be whitened. You may have plaque that has a yellowish tinge. After you have your teeth whitened you may want to pay attention to flossing and brushing correctly.

Sorry to hear about your naturally yellow teeth. Everyone tends to have a certain tint to their teeth. Most people have a yellow tint (which varies from person to person in severity) and some have a grey tint to them. In fact, yellow teeth tend to whiten a lot easier than grey tint as long as it is on the outside of the tooth.
Hope this helps.

William F. Scott IV, DMD