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Can old concussions cause headaches?

I am a 19 year old male. I used to play hockey and had a few severe concussions. I'm worried that the old head injuries are causing me headaches now. Can old concussions cause headaches?

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Hey...I love hockey. Severe concussions can lay down plaque in the brain almost like scar tissue. So, yes, it can cause headaches, and other symptoms. But there are other things that can cause it as well. Have you had yourself evaluated for basic issues: hypertension, diabetes, etc.? I would get medical advice if your headaches are not treated by over-the-counter medication.
Hope that helps, I would try to see a neurologist.
Thank you for your question at FADT. Yes absolutely they can. It is advisable to seek professional help by a concussion specialist. I hope this helps, thank you! Dr. Dodd, MD.