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Can pregnant women go see a chiropractor?

I'm pregnant, but my back has been in pain lately. I cannot find a comfortable position to sleep. Can pregnant women go see a chiropractor?

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Absolutely, you can. It’s highly recommended to be under chiropractic care during the length of your pregnancy for your health and the health of the baby.
Yes, pregnant women can get adjusted and are recommended to receive care throughout their pregnancy to enhance the natural birthing process. There is a specific technique (Webster technique) designed specifically to treat pregnant women.
Yes, Chiropractic for pain during pregnancy is very beneficial. It may reduce pain and length of labor. It will help with recovery after delivery as well.
Yes, it's better if you do get an adjustment being pregnant. It can help you while you are in labor and during the pregnancy.
Absolutely, pregnancy is a wonderful time to see a Doctor of Chiropractic. The better your structure is functioning, the better you will feel and the better the environment is for your baby. There is a wonderful write up regarding chiropractic care on the American Pregnancy Association website. Please feel free to contact me to find a prenatal wellness family chiropractor near you.
They sure can. With pregnancy, the pelvis and center of gravity is changing, so chiropractic care can help with that. We have treated lots of patients that have gone through all this and gotten great results.
Absolutely! One of the safest ways to treat back pain in pregnancy.
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First off, congratulations! I'm sorry to hear your back has been bothering you, but chiropractic is fantastic for pregnant women. When your body goes through all the changes it does during pregnancy, it causes a new stress on the low back and hips in particular. Chiropractors are great at helping your body adapt to these changes and is no risk to the baby at all.


Dr. Frederick
Yes, adjusting is safe when pregnant. Make sure you tell your doctor and avoid electrical therapy and laying on your stomach.
Absolutely! Pregnant women are some of the best chiropractic patients! They can be adjusted lightly and with precision, all without any harm to the baby!

Yes, they can. I would ask before making the appointment because certain types of equipment is needed to treat expectant mothers. A chiropractor that also includes the Webster technique in his/her expertise would be helpful. You can google Webster certified chiropractor. If you can't find one, chiropractic techniques in general will help.

There is another benefit for having regular chiropractic treatment during pregnancy, shorter labor time and easier delivery. I have treated dozens of expectant mothers all the way until delivery. The ones that had children before without chiropractic were amazed and commented that it was like night and day compared to the first. I remember one patient who was having regular treatments that I saw on a Monday and scheduled her back on Wednesday, she called and canceled because she was on her way to the hospital to give birth.

Congratulations. Babies and small children also benefit from chiropractic.
Yes. Chiropractic can be very effective in handling the aches and pains that come with the changing postures of pregnancy. Depending on the stage of your pregnancy, the doctor may need to adapt his/her technique of adjusting but chiropractic care can be effective in all stages for most women.
Pregnant women can see a chiropractor. In addition to helping with low back pain, we can make sure that the pelvis is balanced to help the delivery go smoother.
Dr Riepenhoff
Yes, the general answer is yes, chiropractic can help with back pain during pregnancy. However there could be exceptions, a consultation and exam would be necessary. Over the 40 years that Dr. Roffler has been in practice he has cared for many pregnant women, many of them to full term.
Yes, you can see a chiropractor when pregnant. Many pregnant women get good results through chiropractic care.

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Bernard Olson, D.C.
Yes! Women may receive chiropractic adjustments throughout the entire pregnancy. We also recommend follow up adjustments after birth and adjustment for the newborn baby as well! We recommend this since the birthing process can be traumatic for both mother and baby. Thanks!
Many OB/Gyn's recommend that pregnant women see a chiropractor
Yes they absolutely can. Some Chiropractors even specialize in prenatal care.