Physiatrist (Physical Medicine) Questions Memory Loss

Can a psychiatrist help with my memory loss?

My father is 67 years old and is suffering from memory loss. He doesn't remember where he kept his belongings and essentials like phone and keys. Will a psychiatrist be able to help him manage his condition better?

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Early treatment with certain medications may help prevent memory loss from deteriorating more. He may be better suited with a neurologist. Good luck!

Thank you for your question. That is a very important question and I'm happy to help. Yes, a psychiatrist can generally help with memory loss. Here is a link that may be useful:

As a physiatrist, or sports medicine "function doctor," I care for the entire patient in a holistic fashion, including their physical as well as mental-emotion injuries, and coordinate a team of multi-disciplinary professionals to support my patients. This team commonly included psychotherapists and sometimes psychiatrists. My goal is to help patients get as functional as possible, as quickly as possible, as long-lasting as possible, with as much respect as possible for their time, energy, money and hope.

As a sports medicine physiatrist, I mainly use exercise, sleep, diet and mindset to optimize health, which can also help memory, along with many other aspects of function. I commonly evaluate and diagnose injuries of joints, muscles, bones and the nervous system, sometimes using minimally invasive injections, while minimizing unnecessary imaging, medications and procedures.

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Possibly. You haven’t made the diagnosis for the symptom of forgetfulness, while it could be dementia, it also could be low B12 or thyroid, depression, or even a brain tumor. Take dad to his local doc or neurologist for a work up.
Memory loss can be treated if care is given in time. Plus, newer medication do have some helpful outcomes. Structured programs can make comfortable, but constant help is needed for such patients. Family support, help, and medication can help to slow down the worsening of the problem - activities of daily living, for we all mostly decrease as we age beyond 60-70-80- yrs or so.
Your father seems to possibly suffering from some form of dementia.  A Neurologist would be the best option for an initial comprehensive assessment to address this concern.
Oh dear, I am so sad and sorry. No, not a physiatrist. He needs to be seen by a neurology specialist. He is very young. Needs memory testing to begin with brain scans, MRI of his brain, etc. It's important you get him into neurology. Sorry I can't help you in my field, but do not give up. It's important to get him tested asap.
Yes. First of all, don’t wait any longer! Please take your father to see a neurologist or psychiatrist immediately. There are many medical conditions that can cause memory loss, including stroke.

Early intervention is the key.

Dr. Li