Dentist Questions Root Canal Treatment

Can root canal treatments cause diseases?

I'm going to get a root canal on an infected tooth, but I'm worried that it may cause me to have a disease. I heard about this a while ago from a friend. Is it really true?

9 Answers

If you need a root canal, you already have a diseased, infected tooth. The procedure will eliminate the disease and restore this area to health.
I don't understand what you mean be "cause you to have a disease". But if your tooth really needs a root canal, I would strongly recommend to consider having it done as soon as possible.
Conventional dentistry does not know or acknowledge that teeth with root canal therapy can cause health problems. The movie Root Cause was pulled off of Netflix due to pressure from
organized dentistry. You can go to or and see the science. In the holistic dental world, many do not believe RCT should be done. Some believe if done with ozone and a laser and with biocompatible filling materials, the body can tolerate it.
There is no scientific basis in fact for that idea. All root canals should be followed up on a regular basis to make certain that there is no active infection. This can be done at your regular dental check-up appointments.
No, that's not true. In fact, it will prevent the spread of infection.
Evidence has found root canals to be safe and effective. There are no scientific studies showing correlation to any disease. Infection from a tooth can potentially be fatal.

You already have disease, the dental infection. Root canal therapy eliminates the infection, it doesn't cause it. If left untreated, infection could affect you (temperature, fever, feeling lousy, or worse).

No, just a bacterial infection in your tooth.
The idea that root canals can directly cause disease has not been proven.