Periodontist Questions Gum Disease

Can a strong immune system reduce my risk of gum disease?

Gum disease runs in my family and I want to try every way I can to avoid this. I heard that a weak immune system can cause this disease to develop. Is this really true? Can a strong immune system reduce my risk of gum disease?

4 Answers

In some ways yes. Patients who have a history of gum disease in their family may contain a gene that makes you more vulnerable to the deleterious effects of gum disease. The severity of gum disease is greatly affected by the patient's immune response to the bacteria present.
It wouldn't hurt, but simply put no. Proper Homecare is the key
With your body fighting the gum infection, your gums may bleed, be a little puffy. If your gums bleed do not stop flossing or brushing. You floss first and brush. You start at the gum line-tooth area and brush back and forth gently. Bleeding is cleaning out the surface gum-line -tooth area of infection.
You brush all the gum line -tooth area all over your mouth. Cheek sides-upper,lower. front, bottom, where your tongue rests and your palate is. Then you brush the flat surfaces. The last tooth in each quadrant should be flossed and brushed at the gum line tooth area. That last tooth area is often neglected. After you brush your flat surfaces, clean your tongue. You can buy one or take a teaspoon, turn the spoon so the round side faces your palate. Place the spoon in the middle of your tongue as far back without gagging. Scrape your tongue gently as you move it forward out of your mouth. You will find a mass of debris. That is what was in the nooks and crannies of your tongue. Do the two sides of your tongue and rinse your mouth with salt water.
Then gargle. You can use a water irrigator.
For patients with dexterity problems this helps. Rinsing out as much debris as possible is a good. Your body is fighting gum disease. If you aren't doing anything- no flossing brushing, no dental check-ups, your body may be fighting somewhere else and can't fight your gum disease. You won't feel any different but now the bacteria is attacking your gums and supporting bone.
There is a band of tissue that is ATTACHED to your tooth surface. This band prevents food from going down to the root area. With gum disease this band of tissue is penetrated and food particles, bacteria, dead bacteria and their toxins are now in your root area, you can't remove this material. You have a larger vascular system below your root area and bacteria, their toxins can circulate all over your body. This process is slow. The longer you neglect taking care of your teeth, your teeth are being attacked in your mouth and your body is being attacked from the root area. Taking care of your teeth today. is an investment in your future health

Immunization is something everyone has and is relatively strong for most people. healthy people have a good immunization role to help them make sure they stay healthy. That is all you can think about and how do you know yours is quote stronger than you think.