Adolescent Psychiatrist Questions ADHD

Can my teenager benefit from therapy?

My daughter was recently diagnosed with ADHD, and is currently taking Adderall. So far, it's working for her, but I think she might also benefit from going to therapy alongside her medicinal treatment. Can teenagers with ADHD benefit from going to therapy, while taking Adderall?

6 Answers

Yes, absolutely, your daughter can benefit hugely from doing psychotherapy in addition to taking medication. It's in therapy that she'll learn many coping skills to make her life more manageable. Please interview several therapists until you find one that she has a good rapport with--it's best if your daughter talks to the therapist before making the first appt. Good luck to you!
Yes - there are many behavioral interventions that can assist individuals with AD/HD.

Yes, individual therapy with the proper medication and medication compliance will greatly help your daughter.
Absolutely they can. At least for a few months to truly understand it well enough.
The answer is yes. Take a look at Dr. Amen's approach to ADD, I believe you will find it value-added.
100% and this is usually best practice and most effective!