Dentist Questions Tooth infection

Can a tooth infection affect your whole body?

I'm 22 years old, and I think I have an infection in one of my back molars. Can a tooth infection affect your whole body if you don't treat it?

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Yes, in rare occasions an infection starting from a tooth can seed itself in your heart or brain and the consequences can be very severe. Don't ignore an infected tooth, especially if there is swelling.
Absolutely. Your immune system must work to contain infection. Unfortunately, there is limited blood flow to the area.
Yes ,of course. The mouth as part of the whole body, and any infection in the mouth can cause issues with autoimmune as well as other organs.

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Dr. Mark Berkowitz
They absolutely can. Any infection that occurs in your mouth can be affecting the rest of your body via your blood stream.
It not affect your body, but if you're in pain, you have to see a dentist.