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Can wisdom teeth cause ear and throat pain?

I am a 29 year old female. I want to know if wisdom teeth can cause ear and throat pain?

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Yes when they get infected the entire side of your head can hurt. See your dentist and/or MD to rule out anything else that could be going on.
Yes but remember other causes can also.
If a wisdom tooth is impacted or fails to erupt correctly brushing and flossing can prove to be difficult.If food and bacteria get caught between the teeth, tooth decay and infection may occur. some impacted teeth cause no pain or problems, most common symptoms of an infected impacted wisdom tooth are bad breath, earache, sore throat, difficulty opening jaw fully and swollen gum.
Yes, it can.

Rene Tanquilut, DDS, FAGD, FICOI
Yes it can
Absolutely. The infection of third molars can create pain in the throat and ears, and headaches and jaw pain. 
Yes, because the nerve source that supply the area of your wisdom teeth also supply portions of your ear and throat. This is called referred pain.
Impacted wisdom teeth can lead to infection and pain in some cases. An impacted wisdom tooth can cause a range of problems. ... An infection can lead to bad breath, earache, headache, a strange taste in the mouth, toothache, swollen gums which may be redder than usual, swollen jaw, and bleeding gums
Pain related to the wisdom teeth can sometimes transfer to nearby body parts like the ears and throat.