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Can wisdom teeth cause ear pain?

I am a 22 year old male and I have an impacted wisdom tooth. Also, I have earaches lately. Can wisdom teeth cause ear pain?

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I have had several patients with ear aches due to wisdom teeth. I would check with MD to have ears evaluated. May need wisdom teeth removed, talk to your dentist.
If the pressure from the wisdom teeth is great enough many patients can feel the pain inside of their ear canal.
Yes, ear pain can be a result of an infected wisdom tooth.
The nerves that supply the lower jaw also have branches that supply parts of the ear and TMJ which could result in what seems as ear pain.
Yes, they can. It is not the only cause for ear pain. So seeing your dentist and/or your ENT will identify the cause.
Yes indeed for many reasons. If one can not properly keep the area clean, problems can occur. Decay can set in, causing the nerve to be painful or there may be pressure from an abscess, etc.
The pain can radiate. The best thing is go for a consult to be sure!!!

I don't think teeth itself can cause pain, but if you have any infection it can cause ear pain including headache as well.

Thank you.
Ear pain can result from dental conditions namely: partially exposed inflamed upper wisdom teeth, inflammation in the jaw joint from clenching habits and chronic sinus conditions.
If your wisdom tooth is on the same side where you are having pain it may be a symptom that your wisdom tooth needs extraction.
There is not a direct correlation with ear aches and wisdom teeth, however, having an impacted wisdom tooth that is infected can spread pain to the ear area. See a dentist for evaluation.