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Can wisdom tooth pain spread to other areas?

I am a 24 year old male and my pain from my wisdom teeth has spread. Can wisdom tooth pain spread to other areas?

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Yes. You have a few main nerves that run through your jaw and little branches that break off the main nerve and go to specific teeth (kind of like a main river with small creeks coming off of it). If pain or infection gets bad enough the pain can spread through the nerve, and you can feel it in other areas. If infection has spread, it can go into other tissues. Pain can be felt from this as well.
Yes, it can spread to other areas. You should have it evaluated by a dentist.
When experiencing wisdom tooth pain, the pain the is localized to the problem tooth. However, due to the position of the wisdom teeth, the pain can radiate and feel as though other facial structures including the sinus, ear, head, and jaw are also aching. See your dentist to rule out the cause of the pain and for recommended treatment.

Sorry about your discomfort. Unfortunately pain can radiate around your mouth. The nerves that go to your teeth converge before they get interpreted by your brain. It would be wise to get your wisdom teeth evaluated! Hope you feel better soon