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Can you become addicted to chiropractic cracks?

I am a 31 year old male. I wonder if you can become addicted to chiropractic cracks?

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Most people know that they feel much better when the receive chiropractic treatment on a regular basis. I find that many patients can tell if they go too long or miss a regular treatment. I wouldn't call this an addiction, I'd call it a healthy lifestyle choice--much like going to the dentist for regular checkups.
I do not think that you can become addicted to chiropractic care. but the cracks, yes, I think it is the release of endorphin once you get adjusted. Your body loves the feeling that it receive after each adjustment.
Chiropractic care is similar to how you get your car tune up every couple miles to keep it running properly. It goes same for your body.
No. But it’s okay to be in tuned to your body knowing when it’s best to receive an adjustment
It’s not that you’ll become addicted, but rather you may enjoy the feeling of having your joints manipulated.
You never become addicted in the traditional sense. I doubt anyone is getting the shakes or having any withdrawals from not getting adjusted. The idea of being "addicted" comes from people feeling much better after an adjustment. This is usually because they feel refreshed and "looser" after adjustment.
No. There is no evidence for that.
That’s a good question! Chiropractic adjustments are safe and should be a regular part of life, not something to be worried about being addicted to! :)
Addicted like Oxycontin? No. Addicted like going to the gym regularly because it feels good and is good for you? Yes.

Dr. Lonna Denny, D.C.
Although a great short-term benefit is the release of endorphins, they belong to your body and as such you cannot get addicted chemically to any effects of the adjustment. Chiropractic's sole purpose is to return the body to balance, to center the body, to take stress off of the body. As almost 100% of people are chronically stressed, I suppose getting adjusted could give you a feeling that you could become addicted to -- but that's called 100% LIFE. Sadly, most people do not live a life at 100% at all anymore. When you feel great after a chiropractic adjustment, it is because you are returning to the state that your body was designed to be in -- before technology and all modern day stressors came along. That's why it is so important to keep chiropractic as a lifestyle habit. You go regularly just like you go to the gym and get your hair cut regularly.
I am so glad you are in chiropractic and are experiencing how great it is to be as close to 100% as is possible for you!


Dr. Brandon Buttry
I’d say no to that. I mean I can understand the body ‘craving’ an adjustment because adjustments stimulate your brain and your brain loves stimulation. If it were possible, there would definitely be way worse things to be addicted to :).
No, I've never seen a study that indicated this.
This is an interesting question which I get asked a lot in my practice. I would say no they are not directly or physically addicting. What can be "addicting" is the feeling you get when your body is properly aligned and functioning at a maximum. You will also notice when your body goes out of alignment, possibly causing you to want to get adjusted.