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Can you correct scoliosis in adults?

I am a 30 year old male with scoliosis. Can you correct scoliosis in adults?

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Some scoliosis are structural and cannot be straightened. However, chiropractors can enhance the function of the body.
It gets more difficult as we age but it’s very possible.
Yes, to some degree. We've had great results with multiple adults here, but a scoliosis study X-ray is recommended first.
Yes, but it depends how bad it is and how long you have had it.
Scoliosis is curvature if the spine and there can be multiple causes. Most common is hereditary disposition. There is not much one can do to correct this once you reach age 30. However, you can still prevent it from getting worse with corrective exercises and chiropractic care. Obviously, the younger you are and the sooner you begin to treat scoliosis the better the results will be. I have seen adults with moderate scoliosis improve but it will not completely return to normal. The more severe the curvature the harder it will be to correct.
Yes, it is possible. It requires patience, diligence, and hard work. The patient must be disciplined and follow the doctor's guidelines to a T. Also will depend on the degree of curvature, level of degeneration in the spine, etc. Nothing is impossible. If the curvature is below 20 degrees, you can manage it with chiropractic care -- just keep it mobile! It doesn't have to be perfectly straight to be "healthy" -- it just has to be and stay mobile and functional!
Get adjusted!

There are different types of scoliosis. They are grouped into two categories, functional and non-functional. Functional can usually be corrected to a degree and its progression stopped with regular supportive care. How much correction depends on the severity and complicating factors such as how long has it been there, osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease. It takes time and comparative X-rays are usually taken at three month intervals to check the progress.

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30 years old is difficult at best to correct
Usually you cannot completely straighten a scoliosis after age 25. Chiropractic and physical therapy are both great tools to help with scoliosis.