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Can you drink coffee after breast augmentation?

I am a 23 year old female and I want to have a breast augmentation. Can you drink coffee after breast augmentation?

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Drinking coffee is not a problem after this surgery.
Sure!! The only concern for coffee is that it is a diuretic and can make you urinate. In some procedures there is more concern for fluid shifts and losses which may result in some surgeons recommending that you limit coffee or caffeine consumption. Luckily for you a breast augmentation is not one of those procedure. Enjoy the brew! I encourage to ask your individual plastic surgeon for any specific questions regarding your procedure.
There as been a complicit relationship between coffee and post op breast firmness. I have not restricted my patients from coffee, nor have I bandaged my patients and restricted activities beyond one wee, There are many modalities to keeping the breast which are both surgical and medical. These have worked, fortunately, in difficult cases. Enjoy your coffee!
Sure. The only reason to limit caffeinated beverages is if you are one of those woman whose breasts become more lumpy and/or tender if you drink anything with caffeine in it. It has no bearing on breast augmentation surgery.

You can not have caffeine for one week after surgery.