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Can you feel the needles in acupuncture?

I am a 40 year old male. I want to know if you can feel the needles in acupuncture?

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most of the time
This is a very good questions, but no matter whether I tell you YES or No, it still can't change anything to you. The best way is get one. You will feel it is painless.
Unfortunately, all I can say is that it depends on the technique of the practitioner and the quality of the needles they use. Korean needles and Japanese needles are the best and typically you don’t feel them much at all.
Everyone is different - some people feel every one, some people don't feel any at all - but the needles are so thin and so tiny, most people do not feel them. Most of my patients actually fall asleep on the treatment table when they are resting.
No it’s very gentle entery and super thin
Hello! Yes you can. There is a slight pinch or tingling during needle insertion.
Acupuncture is minimally invasive and the needles are about the size of a hair, so the insertion of the needles is virtually painless.
Yes, but it really doesn’t feel uncomfortable according to most patients. When the pin or ‘needle’ initially goes in, you may feel a little sting, which quickly goes away.
For a first-time acupuncture patient, I always say to communicate if there is any discomfort with the needles. Sometimes, based on people's sensitivity, it is possible to feel a little prick that goes away quickly after insertion. If the pain remains then it is imperative to remove the needle and reinsert again. It doesn't happen very often, but it is important to be clear. If all the needles are painful, it is possible that the practitioner doesn't have good technical skills, so it is not recommended to continue your therapy there. Again, if there is any pain that is persisting during the therapy from the needle, tell the practitioner to remove the needle immediately.

Alexandre Hillairet, DAOM.
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You can feel a slight pricking sensation during the insertion of the needle, but not afterwards.

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Most people feel the brief moment of the needle insertion. There is also what is called a “chi” sensation some people feel, described as a tingle or a dull ache. It should not be uncomfortable or hurt. If you are concerned, ask your acupuncturist to remove the needle.

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You can feel some sensation at certain points. Some may be a little uncomfortable at initial insertion, but after all needles are in, you should feel nothing. Needles actually can relax you during the treatment. Please consult your local acupuncturist.
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Scott Sang In Lee
Sometimes you can feel the needles being inserted, but once they are in, you won't be able to feel them.
Yes, most of the times you don't feel them, some areas you can feel when needles are applied.
Some of them, yes, and some of them, no. Most people are truly surprised at how little they feel...but I'm not going to tell you that none of them are uncomfortable. Seems difficult in theory, but the more patients are able to relax during the insertion (which almost never happens the first time), the less they feel. That being said, if I find a patient who can't tolerate needles, I personally use 800 Gauze magnets on the points, nor do I put needles in children under 12; I prefer to use magnets on kids. And there are other ways to stimulate the Qi/Energy/Life Force besides magnets and needles, such as lasers, moxibustion (burning herbs in a cigar type shape over the points to heat them up, not burn the patient), and pressure.
Yes, needles produce special needling sensations that are different from injections.
I use the thinnest needle in the world. You don't feel anything for the treatment.
You may feel a little pinch upon insertion, but otherwise the needles themselves should be painless. If the needles continue to pinch, or if they feel sharp or like they're burning, let your practitioner know so they can adjust the needle.

After the needle is inserted, your practitioner may manipulate it. This may cause heavy, pressure, aching, spreading or traveling sensations. These may be intense but are normal and indicate that the point is activated and working. Breathe through it but if it gets too intense, tell your practitioner so they can modify their technique or coach you through it.
Well, they are needle so occasionally you may feel a little prick, but most of the time you don't feel it-especially on your backside. You can sometimes feel your Qi. But that does not feel like a needle at all. It is warming, and heavy, and energetic. It’s a pleasant and calming feeling.
This is a tricky question to answer because different patients can have different experiences while receiving an acupuncture treatment. In addition, there are some sensations which are desirable but which can be easily mis-interpreted by someone who has never had acupuncture previously.

Some patients may experience a short lived pinching sensation on initial insertion of the needle. This should fade very quickly and any needle that remains sharp or stabbing after a second or two should be removed or repositioned.

Sensations that can occur and are considered desirable are: a short lived pins and needles type sensation that propagates up or down from the needle site, a dull ache around the needle, a dull throbbing around the needle, or a mild distending sensation around the needle. First time patients are often confused by these sensations.
If during the needle treatment session, you feel pain of that inserted needle spot, then you can feel the needle; if you move your body, you also can feel the needles.