Radiation Oncologist Questions Liver Cancer

Can a radiation oncologist help with a cancerous growth in the liver?

I have been diagnosed with liver cancer. Can a radiation oncologist help?

1 Answer

A radiation oncologist can certainly evaluate whether or not radiation is indicated for cancer in the liver.However, there are several treatment modalities than can be applied to treat cancer in the liver. These are- generally-surgery, chemotherapy (via different routes of administration) or radiation therapy. The most appropriate mode of treatment will depend on the type (histology) of cancer, the stage (primary of metastatic from another site), and/or the number of lesions in the liver.Some centers may engage in a multidisciplinary team discussion, often referred to as a tumor board, to devise the best treatment algorithm. I would advise you to enter further discussion with your primary oncologist for additional direction, and to determine the most clinically appropriate treatment. 

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