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What can cause tingling sensation in muscles?

When I workout in the gym or do any kind of strenuous activity, I get a tingling sensation in my muscles. What could be the reason behind this? Can this be treated or is it a permanent condition?

6 Answers

Perhaps it's due to hyperventilation.
Continue working out. Tingling isn't necessarily bothersome. If numbness occurs, talk to your doctor.
Not enough info to give you an answer. What muscles? Is strength affected?
The tingling seems to stem from hyperventilation during exercise, which causes changes in electrolyte levels leading to the tingling sensation. It is prudent to check for serum electrolyte levels to see if they are abnormally low. Hope this helps.
You might be losing electrolytes
You may need some blood work done and also review health history as few things can cause this. Simple solution is to try and drink gatorade twice a day or over the counter magnesium supplements. However, on occasion it could be something more involved with nerves themselves and you need to be seen by at least your primary doctor