Physical Therapist Questions Cerebral Palsy

How is cerebral palsy managed with physical therapy?

My neighbor's son has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Can it be manged with physical therapy? If so, how?

4 Answers

Generally speaking, and depending on age and severity, it is managed with a blend of exercises designed, to strengthen, improve flexibility, and improve endurance which are all uniquely tailored to the patient. Your therapist may also go over little tricks to help improve functional independence.
It can be managed with physical therapy. But, if the son is a dependent, it is in his best interest to undergo a physical therapy evaluation performed in a school-based setting along with a private out-patient therapist to assist in progression.
Yes it can! Seek out an evaluation from a pediatric physical therapist as they are the experts in this area. In general they work on decreasing abnormally high tone in certain muscles and activating muscles that are low tone, sometimes referred to as flaccid.
Cerebral palsy is a common diagnosis seen in physical therapy. Typically a pediatric or neuro therapist will determine impairments and will treat accordingly.