Pediatrician Questions Chicken Pox

Had chickenpox as a young child

I'd like a medical opinion. Having chickenpox as a child I was isolated at home in a darker room for a few days. Is this to remove heat to the skin that one gets from exposure to the sun? In other words would a doctor actually recommend staying out of the sun?

I'm aware there are other reasons to avoid people because it's contagious.


5 Answers

Chickenpox may appear concentrated in areas where intense sun exposure occurred during the incubation period. Patients with atopic dermatitis may show an atypical distribution of varicella. Having had chickenpox you stand a one in three chance of getting shingles
There is no benefit to staying in the dark with chicken pox.
Chickenpox is an infectious viral disease with skin lesions in various stages of development and heat flares up and causes more itching and spreads faster and can develop the Secondary bacterial infection. for not to increase the spread to reduce irritation and secondary infection colder atmosphere is better
I think they were trying not to get hot to help with the itching. Chickenpox is highly contagious (95%) and they would not want anyone to go anywhere that they could spread the virus.
Heat and sun exposure are decidedly not  desirable with chickenpox, since they increase the itching and and consequent scarring, while cool air or cool compresses give the itching some relief.Darkness in a room has no particular benefit, unless the room has no airconditioner and the darkness keeps the sun and heat out.