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Can a childhood fracture hurt in adulthood?

I suffered a shoulder fracture when I was a kid 7 years old. I am now 27 years old and I am having a pain at the same point. Is it normal?

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Its probably a totally unrelated issue. However if it persists, see and Orthopaedic Doctor.
No. Once a fracture is healed it does not cause pain. You may be developing a secondary problem which needs to be evaluated by a specialist.
It depends. I would say no. Most childhood fractures heal without sequella. It may be completely unrelated. See your Dr if it persists.
If you are experiencing any pain in an area where there has been a previous fracture, it is most probable that there is arthritis at the fracture site that is causing the pain you are experiencing.
Pain without trauma or injury is generally not normal. If the fracture healed such that the bone is not shaped normally or has an abnormal prominence, then you may have a cause for pain. You should see an orthopedic surgeon for X-rays and clinical assessment.

Thank you for your question and be well.
I'm afraid for you that's not normal. You'll probably have a new shoulder problem. However, if you've had a severe deformity at the time of the injury and you
didn't receive any treatment at the time of injury, there could be a relationship with the injury.
Very unlikely that a common pediatric fracture at age 7 would come back 20 yrs later as a sequelae; all pediatric fractures have great remodeling potential and it is extremely rare to see any routine fracture cause a problem if there was normal healing with standard treatment.
Now, the exceptions might be open fractures with neurological injury or severe growth plate injuries or joint involvement where cartilage was lost or crushed.
Please contact my office to be seen. You will need radiographs. You can call at 608-324-2458 for an appointment.
Yes, the fracture can hurt in adulthood as the bone remodels and may affect structures that can cause pain.
Hello. This is a very good question. Most childhood fractures heal quite nicely without any residual symptoms. Certain fractures that affect the growth plate or growing area of the bone can have lifelong effects. I would recommend an orthopedic evaluation that would consist of a thorough physical exam as well as an x-ray. This should be able to diagnose your current symptoms. The shoulder pain you are feeling could also be from sports or exercise. These are called overuse injuries and are quite common. Our practice focuses on many types of injuries from childhood to adult. We have expertise and fellowship training in pediatric ,adolescent and adult sports medicine. I hope this answer has been helpful.