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Do chiropractic adjustments help with chronic lower back pain?

My husband has chronic lower back pain. He does not want to take prescription pain medication, and is really suffering. We are look for different alternatives. Can chiropractic adjustments help to correct and relieve his back pain?

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Chiropractic adjustments can improve joint health and slow or stop arthritis dead in its tracks.
According to scientific studies, chiropractic gets the best and longest lasting result of any other treatment that is available.
Often they do help but what appears to help more is when the chiropractor or physical therapist does a comprehensive examination to, first rule out serious problems, and help with specific exercises and things your husband may be doing at home or at work that could be making his condition worse or even causing his back pain. If you go to a chiropractor who only provides spinal manipulation you're probably not going to find a long-term solution to your husband's problems.
Chiropractic is a safer option to explore first yes definetly. I feel that his chronic low back deserves at least a chance to see what a chiropractor can do. Now realistically if it's "chronic" it makes the chances of a "miracle" adjustment where the persons hunched over and can barely walk and walks out in no pain much less likely. And finding a chiropractor that fits your husband is important too, unfortunately I can not say just go see the first chiropractor that pops up on google or the phonebook. Reason I say that is some chiropractors specialize in only certain types of treatment styles many fitted either for geriatic, pediatric and such, and I feel if your husband is reluctant to do medications, and would rather live with some pain then he needs a chiropractor that is more sports medicine based. I say that cause they typically do more the exercises that correct the chronic issues, and are generally more physical in their adjusting style.
Dr Barry
Chiropractic has been shown to be the best treatment for LBP in several research studies. There are several different techniques specific for different causes of LBP. Therefore, a correct diagnosis for the cause of his LBP, should dictate the type of treatment. Also, for temporary relief, a high quality, standardized curcumin has been shown to work as well or better than Tylenol for pain without the potentially sever side effects.
Sometimes men, especially, tend to try to "tough things out," however, where most healthcare issues are concerned, early detection, and early correction, is always the best way to go! I say that to say that: just like tooth decay the joints in the spine can undergo degenerative changes (osteoarthritis), with prolonged misalignment in a joint (and/or joints)! Taking pain medication(s) is often similar to: noticing that the "oil light" has come on in your car, but instead of putting oil in your car (fixing the problem), you put a piece of black tape over the oil light (addressing the symptom)! With all of that said: it remains to be seen if chiropractic care will help your husband, hopefully, he has not allowed his problem to get to the point where only surgery can help him!
The answer is simple. Chiropractic has been found to be very helpful in the relief of lower back pain. Nothing works better.
An emphatic yes! There is so much more research on acute and chronic back pain management and the efficacy of chiropractic care than ever before!

It always depends on what is causing his problem, so an exam first is important, but helping people with low back pain is one of the things chiropractics is best at! Don’t let him suffer another day. Call and schedule an appointment ASAP!

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Dr. Steven Moon
Chiropractic adjustments have been proven to be a successful treatment for many types of pain, especially low back pain. There have many peer reviewed scientific research articles done on the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment for low back pain. It is a great place to start, especially if someone is trying to stay away from prescription pain medication.
Yes. Chiropractic treatment is highly recommended for treatment of low back pain. Your chiropractor is highly trained to evaluate and treat the cause of your husband’s pain. You should most definitely have him looked at soon.
There is a simple and a little more complex answer to this question. Quite simply...Yes. Chiropractic adjustments can be very beneficial to relieving chronic lower back pain. However, when evaluating a patient with this past history, it is very crucial to rule out any other complicating factors that may be contributing to this condition.

From a little more complex approach though, it is also important to address the soft tissue surrounding the vertebral spine. In essence, when a patient presents with “Chronic” lower back pain, it is often times the soft tissue (muscle, ligaments, etc..) that become effected as well. So, I like to also take an active rehabilitation approach to this type of presenting issue.

The chiropractic adjustments will help align the spine back to optimal levels, but addressing the soft tissue thru stretching and strengthening exercises are paramount to creating long term relief from a condition such as chronic low back pain.

In summary, if it is determined that the patients presenting issue is neuromuscular in nature, then the adjustments in conjunction with rehabilitation exercises will provide the most benefit.
Absolutely, yes, it can help with chronic low back pain. The majority of chiropractic patients have chronic low back pain and are tired of taking medicine that simply cover up the symptoms. Chiropractors are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of low back pain and other spinal pain. Find a good orthopedic and/or sports chiropractor who looks at their patients biomechanically who can address the source of the pain and help get him on the road to recovery. A combination of chiropractic, rehabilitation, and home exercise can help.
In most cases, yes. A thorough examination is required to determine whether or not he has a chiropractic problem

Absolutely. Chiropractors do treat the whole body, but our speciality is musculoskeletal, which means spine, muscles, and all surrounding tissue that stabilize our joints. Chiropractors treat low back pain on a daily basis and we are trained to evaluate, diagnose the cause of the back pain and treat the appropriate area with chiropractic manipulative therapy (adjustments), muscle work, and we would also teach your husband home care to do at home and exercises to keep the spine stable.

Some chiropractors like me have multiple areas of expertise and we are able to use the best treatment appropriate for each patient depending on why they will come to see us.

Bottom line, the answer is yes. Chiropractics is an amazing alternative treatment for low back pain, especially if your husband does not wish to start on medication at this time.

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Dr. Jessica Grichy, DC
Yes. Please have him find a great chiropractor that does x-rays and get him checked ASAP.
Absolutely! Adjustments help with chronic lower back pain, but they are usually just one part of a therapeutic program which typically includes simple stretches and exercises. Additionally, certain types of low back pain due to disc injuries may benefit from spinal decompression traction, which many chiropractors (including our office) offer.
Yes they can. Numerous studies have shown chiropractic adjustments to be more effective and less costly than other types of treatment. Medications are just treating the symptoms and not the cause. Chiropractors are sympathetic to the patient's pain but they look for the cause. Correct the cause relieve the symptom.
Chiropractors detect and correct the misalignments in the spine, which put pressure on nerves and cause horrible pain. YES, chiropractics is the answer.

Hope I helped. Got your back!

Dr. Todd Gewant
Yes, and a detailed diagnostic exam, nervoscopic exam and full spine postural X-ray need to be done. There are always reasons for chronic pain patterns, and you will find the cause with the diagnostic tools.

Chiropractic care is the best for chronic back pain in complement with appropriate exercise and a GOOD DIET. I recommend you get a good program by a kinesiologist that will help you get your muscles to work as a team and not to hurt you when you move.

Dre Geneviève Gagné, chiropraticienne, DC


Chiropractors can definitely help with chronic low back pain. It's a very common complaint that we see. The chiropractor you see will take a complete history of his complaint, perform a thorough exam, and either take or review X-rays of his back. The chiropractor will then determine if chiropractic care is the best course for your husband and will explain what is causing his symptoms and the recommended course of treatment. They will also refer him to an appropriate provider should something more serious be suspected. Fortunately, low back problems can usually be handled and corrected easily with chiropractic care.

Dr. Hanson
Absolutely! Contact your local chiropractor ASAP to get him some relief.
It has been my experience, as both a provider and a patient, that yes, Chiropractic has great success with low back pain. It has many studies that show this. Find a good, local DC and give them time to asses and to treat; it is not like going to a car repair shop and having a few things wrenched back into place after you hit some pot hole.
Chiropractic treatment is the best alternative for patients suffering with chronic lower back pain. Treatment can help relieve a patient’s symptoms and help minimize the chance of further damage being done.
Yes, chiropractic care is very successful in treating lower back issues.

Mark Klezmer, DC, CCSP, CCST, FIAMA
They can, especially an acute episode of low back pain. In my office, however, the focus is on exercise and the CAUSE of your low back pain. We examine you using a variety of provocative tests to find out exactly what hurts and what doesn’t. There are literally hundreds of things that can go wrong in the lower back, and there is often more than one physical cause to your pain. It is definitely NOT “all in your head”, and only very rarely do you need oral medication, injections or surgery. Those rarely help long-term anyway. The correct exercises at the right time, and learning new (correct) ways of moving (avoiding things that are causing your pain, a.k.a. Improper biomechanics) is what I focus in with you in my office. Manipulation is often of limited benefit long-term, just like so many PASSIVE treatments for low back pain. The focus in my office and more and more chiropractors’ offices is EXERCISE, POSTURE and AVOIDING MOVEMENT PATTERNS THAT LEAD TO PAIN (not yelling, just have no italics). Find a chiropractic physician who understands the work of Stuart McGill and applies those techniques.
Chiropractic treatment has been shown to be the most effective and least expensive treatment for low back pain over any other mode of treatment.
Yes, chiropractics can help with his low back pain.
Chiropractic has been shown to be very effective treating low back pain, and we have seen both acute and chronic patients. I highly recommend a chiropractic evaluation to see if your husband is a candidate for chiropractic care!
Yes. Chiropractic adjustments definitely help with chronic low back pain.
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Yes ma'am, chiropractic care aims to "correct" and "relieve" your husband's low back pain by identifying the underlying cause of his symptoms and subsequently creating a treatment plan to correct, stabilize, and strengthen the involved area. Chiropractic care is a conservative treatment approach, and we chiropractors do not prescribe medication.


Dr. Munse
Like many other modern medical practices, the chiropractic profession emphasizes the use of evidence-based methods that have been shown to be safe and effective. With satisfaction rating higher than medical treatment.

An article in the journal *Physical Therapy* is instructive. "Many interventions used by physical therapists in the management of patients with low back pain (LBP) lack evidence supporting their effectiveness. For example, interventions such as thermal modalities, electrical stimulation, and biofeedback have not been studied sufficiently, whereas interventions
such as transcutaneous nerve stimulation, mechanical traction, and ultrasound have been studied and found to be ineffective... *Spinal manipulation is one intervention for LBP that is supported by evidence."*
Yes, a chiropractor can be a big help for your husband. I don't know what exactly he has in his back; for that, he has to be examined by a chiropractor, then treatment will be prescribed.
Absolutely, to the relieve part! Concerning "correcting" his lower back, that really depends on just what is going on. I definitely recommend getting in to see a chiropractor!
Chiropractic care is a great alternative to utilize. Studies have shown the effectiveness of adjustments for chronic pain.

I am sorry to hear that your husband suffers from chronic low back pain. This is a very common complaint that often brings patients into a chiropractic office. Your husband is wise to avoid long-term use of pharmaceuticals as all do have potential undesirable side effects. Chiropractic care would be an excellent alternative to deal with this chronic pain. It is safe, effective, and cost-effective. Find an experienced chiropractor and make him an appointment.
Most likely yes. Studies show Chiropractic is more efficient at treating low back pain than physical therapy, drugs or surgery.
Yes, most likely it will. Dozens of scientific studies over the last 2 decades have shown chiropractic is the safest, most effective treatment for low back pain. 85% of chiropractic patients report a reduction/elimination of back pain within 4-6 weeks.

All the best.
Hello, and thank you for the question. Chiropractic care may be able to help with chronic low back pain. I would recommend seeing a chiropractor to have an examination done to better determine if chiropractic care is a treatment option for this condition.

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Chris Sitarski, DC
Yes, of course they do -- that is the main benefit of chiropractic treatment.