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Should I go to a chiropractor for massage therapy?

I need to have massage therapy for my lower back, and I'm not sure if I should go to a regular masseuse or a chiropractic facility. Should I go to a chiropractic facility for a massage?

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I would go to a masseuse who is confident in your issue and has the techniques to help. Typically massage therapists in a chiropractic office will have the tools you need.
It does not matter where you go for a massage as long as the masseuse is good at what they do. After all, it is not the facility that is giving the massage it is the person, massage therapist. It is an advantage to go to a masseuse in a chiropractic facility in case there is an issue of concern, but a good therapist will suggest to you to go to a chiropractor for that issue.
Not necessarily. Some chiropractors have massage therapists in their clinic. Also, if the main issue is lower back pain, it might be a better idea to go to a chiropractor.
If the chiropractic facility has a masseuse, that works. Otherwise, a masseuse is better for general massage. If you have a particularly troublesome spot, then a chiropractor who employs soft tissue therapies is ideal.
It shouldn't make a difference.
I believe you will have better results with chiropractic. Massage is an adjunct to chiropractic treatment for lower back pain. Massage alone, in my opinion, will not provide the long-lasting results that you are looking for.
I recommend going to a Chiropractic office that has massage therapy as part of the treatment plan. This way you get the best of both worlds.
If the chiropractic facility has a massage therapist, then by all means go there. Generally, chiropractors do not do full body massages. They do adjustments of the spine and extremities. So, if it’s just a massage that you seek, I would recommend a massage therapist.
Speaking from my experience at my clinic with respect to massage therapy, I would recommend a Chiropractic clinic if you are looking for a therapeutic massage and/or deep tissue work. The therapists at my clinic are trained and certified in a variety of therapeutic techniques. This does not mean that a massage therapist in a massage studio is not up to the task to do deep tissue work, but you chances for a therapeutic massage are higher in a clinical setting. It is also helpful when the doctor and the massage therapist work together to give you a proper evaluation before you begin the massage!

Massage and chiropractic are quite different, so if you need a massage, I would recommended a massage therapist in your area.


Dr. Duchon
If the Chiropractic office has a massage therapist on staff you would be good. If not, do a Google search and check out the reviews of a massage therapist near you. Massage therapy is very helpful.