Chiropractor Questions Bell's Palsy

My mother suffered Bell's Palsy and is now recovering. Can a chiropractor help at this stage?

My mother is 64 years old and has been diagnosed with Bell's Palsy. After the necessary medication and treatment, she is now recovering after 4 weeks. Can a chiropractor help her have a quick recovery at this stage?

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Hi there! Thank you for the question. I would proceed with caution, only because we don't know the causation of the condition is and putting movement into the cervical joints may trigger the symptoms. I would call your local Chiropractor and see if they are familiar with the condition.

Dr. Morales, D.C.
Bell's Palsy can be caused by a few different factors, but regardless of what is the cause, it is the trigeminal nerve of the face that has been irritated. The trigeminal nerve is one of the twelve cranial nerves. Restriction or subluxation of the upper cervical spine can cause irritation of the trigeminal nerve, therefore aiding in Bell's Palsy. So, treating the upper cervical spine chiropractically and with adjustments will help in eliminating Bell's Palsy.
I have seen great results with bell's palsy patients as the spine adjustments specifically return functionality to the neck, releasing blocked nerve impulses to the facial muscles. Specific spine adjustments reestablish nerve flow, so necessary for the healing of the nerves affected by this viral attack.
It might help to aid in the healing, however this is not something that is widely studied.
Yes, a chiropractor should be able to help your mother recover from Bell's Palsy.
Yes they can with the right equipment. Go to and search for a chiropractor that uses their equipment. Laser therapy combined with chiropractic treatment can be very beneficial in treating Bell's Palsy. We use it in my clinic and are seeing positive results.
A Chiropractor can aid the entire Nervous System so yes, potentially, Chiropractic can aid the recovery process of Bell's Palsy.
Yes, it is possible. It is a facial nerve paralysis that can respond positively to Chiropractic adjustments.
Yes, if the chiropractor has class IV cold laser, the treatment becomes easier.
My experience is once it has been there for a month quick recovery is not likely anymore no matter what therapy's are performed. Chiropractic can help in controlling/reducing some of the symptoms and pain associated with Bell's palsy.
The cause of Bell's palsy is unknown. However, we know that it results from a dysfunction of cranial nerve VII (the facial nerve). Since there exists a neurological connexion between the facial nerve and the cervical plexus, it is often the case that a spinal manipulation of the cervical spine will help resolve Bell's Palsy faster. It has been my clinical experience with hundreds of patients suffering from this condition.
Chiropractic, especially one that specialize in cranial bone manipulation like Chiropractic Craniopathy, would be able to free up the nerve associated with your mother bell palsy. A functional medicine chiropractor would also recommend blood test to see other metabolically causes.

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Dr S aka Dr. Awesome
Yes it could.
Yes, if they cervical or thoracic spine is adjusted if needed it could very well help her or be the cause solely.

Yes, a chiropractor can help. I would choose a chiropractor trained in rehabilitation or neurology who has a better understanding of Bell's palsy rehab as well. You can search for them online near you. General chiropractors can help, too, but the specialists are better equipped to do it.
Most people fully recover from Bell’s palsy with or without treatment. However, paralyzed muscles can shrink and shorten, causing permanent contractures. A chiropractic physician or physical therapist can teach you her how to massage and exercise her facial muscles to help prevent this from occurring. So it is possible that may help.
Tricky disorder. It can, but not a definitive treatment or cure. My mother developed it after caring for her late husband. The stress was just too much. She never improved from it over time, just deals with it. I have, however, seen complete resolution of it multiple times both in my practice, as well as with a best friend. It's definitely worth a try.
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Dr. Todd Gewant
Depends on the chiropractor. There are specific manipulations and soft tissue techniques that can help increase nerve function, not to mention a host of nutritional supplements that do the same!
Yes! I just helped one a few weeks ago. Chiropractic has been very effective with Bell's Palsy cases in the past and would be a great option!