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Can a chiropractor help in treating pain due to weight gain?

I've been gaining weight for the past 3 years, and now I have a lot of back pain. My friends told me a chiropractor may be able to help relieve this pain, but I am a little reluctant. How can a chiropractor help me with this pain?

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A chiropractor can help by taking a thorough history and doing a comprehensive examination, perhaps including an nutritional evaluation. A chiropractor can deliver a treatment called an adjustment to help relieve some of the tension and pain in your low back. A good chiropractor will help you identify why you are gaining weight, and help you with a weight loss program. Again, a good history and examination is of utmost importance.
The answer is yes, however you will want to change your diet/lifestyle as continued weight gain will only result in more problems and most likely more serious problems.
A Chiropractor can align all of the joints in your body that hold you up against gravity.
Yes one of the best things you can do is chiropractic treatment for back pain. Your added weight and recent return to working out will continue to aggravate it, but with treatment and additional therapies and exercises the pain will decrease in frequency and intensity. As your body adapts to the stresses applied and you gain core control the pain should eventually subside.
Gaining weight maybe in a hormonal or over eating condition and the extra weight this place more pressure on the lumbar lordosis that may pinch a nerve and from a jammed or misaligned vertebrae A chiropractor can help relieve the pain however you must find out why you are gaining weight.
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Weight gain, at least in the short term, is rarely the cause of pain and instead often exacerbates existing pain. Chiropractors will perform an examination to determine the source of the pain provide treatment to help you get out of pain. If you do not already have a chiropractor, here is a list of evidence-based chiropractors around the world.!map
Yes indeed. It all starts with a good exam. Of course, nothing will be more effective than losing weight, but chiropractic can certainly be a supplement to that regimen.
Extra weight is extra strain on your frame and it may pull you out of alignment. If so, a chiropractor can help you. Many have weight management program in house too.
Chiropractors take a "whole body" approach to health. Chiropractic adjustments and therapy may reduce your pain now and help you and determine what steps should be taken to improve your health, ultimately reduce or eliminate your pain overall.

Your question was about how weight gain relates to your relief from chiropractics. As a chiropractor, I would normally ask a set of questions like how it started, where, and when, along with orthopedic and neurological test to find out if the pain is from a ligament, muscle, disc or nerve.

However, without some specific information, I can tell you that extra weight can put extra pressure on muscle, ligaments and joints. With either a lift or or turn that usually would not cause any problem now stresses the joint. Chiropractic aligns the spine taking stress off the system of the body allowing it to heal. If the weight is not going to come off, life is not hopeless; because just like a injured sprain ankle if not treated by a doctor it doesn’t heal properly. The same for you back, if is not treated properly then the joint is not going to heal properly.

A good chiropractor is not only going to align the joint they would inform you towards posture, rehab exercises and home solutions to help you deal with these issues.

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Yes, when you gain weight, it shifts your feet and balance. Chiropractics can help restore the balance.
A Chiropractor will guide you in proper self care, and make sure that your spine is in proper alignment. Your body will take care of the rest

Yes, but you should have a thorough exam before any treatment to be sure that chiropractic can help
Most definitely. We would have to do a thorough exam and look at you orthopedically, neurologically and physically and find the root cause of your problem and come up with therapy treatments to get you out of pain.
Yes, Chiropractors are experts in soft tissue pain associated with musculoskeletal disorders. Naturally when one is overweight that person will be at more risk of injury. A good chiropractic doctor can help.
Yes. Although it will eventually come back if you don’t lose the weight.
Yes, we can help with pain by restoring proper function to your joints and spine. Combined with proper physical therapy, decompression therapy may also speed up your recovery. Most chiropractors also help with nutrition and prevent your problem from getting worse.
Chiropractics can help, yes. Not knowing your history, chiropractics can help; it might be of great benefit, or it might be a temporary relief. We would try to find the cause and work to correct it. If weight gain is the main issue, this should be something you're willing to address and work at, along with diet, nutrition, and exercise.