Chiropractor Questions Lower back pain

Can a chiropractor help me with my lower back pain?

I am suffering from severe lower back pain that increases every time I am in a certain position for long. Can a chiropractor help me with my lower back pain?

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Yes, a chiropractor can examine, diagnose, and treat low back pain if the diagnosis is within the chiropractor’s scope of practice. A chiropractor is a good profession for low back pain.
Based on research, they are the Doctor to see first.
Absolutely. Chiropractic is a great option!

See "The Chiropractor's Role" video on this page:
Chiropractic is designed to help maximize your human potential. Will back pain eventually be relieved from this? Yes. But, the key is not to focus on the pain. When you have pain, your body is already exhausted all its resources. A Chiropractor will help with your pain and then, help re-train the ligaments, muscles, tendons and brain to move you and keep you towards optimal health.
The blanket answer for this would be absolutely yes. Even the American medical Association recommends to it’s medical doctors that they should refer their patients to chiropractors for neck and low back pain. However with out actually examining you I could not tell you for sure nor could any other doctor.

Generally low back pain has great results from chiropractic care. Although even with low back pain I do have some patients that get very little relief.
Yes he can, but first you need to go see a chiropractor.
Absolutely! As a doctor of chiropractic, their isn't a profession that more educated, well trained and experienced as we are when it comes to the realm of neck and back pain. I would think maybe the physical medicine & rehabilitation doctors and doctors of osteopathy would be the next closest physicians that are trained as well as us when it comes to the education, training and experience in any type of back pain.

With that being said, you must understand the fact that their are "bad apples" in every profession. With my 20 plus years of experience in this field, I can confidently state that not all chiropractors are top tier doctors in providing relief of back pain. However, that is not to say that we are not the most well trained to manage such a situation because we are!

You just have to be extremely diligent when researching the specific educational background, amount of training/experience and previous work history when trying to find the best doctor of chiropractic to manage your condition.
Yes, Chiropractic can help you with this problem. This type of problem is handled very well with conservative Chiropractic care.
Absolutely. We can offer you a complimentary consult.

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Chiropractic procedures have been shown to be highly effective with low back pain and other spinal dysfunctions. By all means, please go see a highly reviewed chiropractor or get a referral from a relative or close friend! You will be glad you did! Please let me know if you have further questions.
Absolutely, based on examination, a chiropractic adjustment can help as well as posture reeducation to prevent from happening again.
Absolutely, lower back pain is one of the most common conditions that are seen by chiropractors and has the most research to support its success. A chiropractic adjustments along with some active therapy like stretching and/or muscle therapy for mechanical lower back pain is more successful than pain killers and muscle relaxers. Mechanical lower back pain is exactly what you are describing, having severe low back pain that increases in one or two specific positions. Hope that this is helpful to you.

Yours in health,
Dr. Weston Zenner, D.C.
Yes. Chiropractic has great results in helping people with lower back pain.
That is tough to answer right off the bat. There could be many different reasons for having back pain. If it has to do with misaligned vertebrae of your spine, then yes, they should be able to test for that and explain it to you/show it to you and then proceed to help you fix it. Spinal misalignments are actually quite common and usually involved to some degree in contributing to back problems such as lack of proper movement, postural distortions, altered nerve and blood flow or even pain. You would definitely want to find a doc that takes you through testing and is constantly re-testing and comparing along the way. Not all chiropractors are created equal although most uninformed people may think so. Start with someone who has a decent reputation in your town and give him or her a decent chance. If they are not helping you much after a few months, then it may be time to find another.
Yes, a chiropractor can definitely help with your back pain that is one of a specialty. Depending upon the severity of your case, you may need an MRI to determine the exact cause of your pain.

Derrick Stenson, D.C.
Low back pain is definitely a common complaint seen by chiropractors with good results. To know for certain if it can help you, schedule an evaluation with a local chiropractor.

Thanks for the question!
As a chiropractor, I see patients with similar complaints daily. I believe that chiropractors have the best chance of helping you with your problem, however, I would recommend that you ask someone to give you a referral in your area, because you want to make sure to find a chiropractor that can successfully help you.
Hi and thank you for this question. Chiropractic could possibly help this low back pain. I would recommend having a chiropractor exam your back to determine the cause of pain. Once they figure out what causes the pain, they can discuss with you treatment options. Good luck.
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Dr. Chris
Chiropractic can relieve your pain. If a mechanical issue within the musculoskeletal system is the cause, you would require an examination by a chiropractor with X-ray, if necessary, to isolate the cause and correct the problem.
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Dr. Zara
Hi there,

Typically yes! A chiropractor should be able to help. They will have to perform a full exam and decide if you require any additional imaging (such as X-ray) before they can determine if they can help fix the problem.

Dr. Caitlin Zietz, B.Sc., D.C.
Chiropractic has been proven to be most effective for Lower back pain. They will examine and treat the lower back with very good success. Depending on your specific case of course.
I would hope so or at least send you to where you could get relief.
Absolutely. After a complete examination, the Chiropractor should be able to diagnose the cause of your pain and either treat it effectively or refer you to the appropriate specialist.
Chriopractic can definitely help. After a thorough exam and X-rays, the root problem can be identified. But also to rule out anything out of ordinary. Once identified, treatment may begin and you will be back on your feet in no time.
But of course! This is the millennium and 20 million Americans are going to a chiropractor every year! A very good number of them for lower back pain.
Thank you for your question and I am sorry to hear about your pain. Chiropractors are musculoskeletal experts and our "bread and butter" is low back pain. A good chiropractor can help you identify what is happening with your back as well as the best treatment options to fix it, which may include adjustment and exercises.
Yes. We treat problems like this everyday. You would need an evaluation to see why you are having the pain.
That is exactly what Chiropractors do. If a bone is out of alignment it puts pressure on nerves and causes muscles to spasm or contract, which in turn causes pain in certain movements or positions. See a Chiropractor and your cause of pain will be addressed instead of just treating the symptoms which corrects nothing. Hope I helped. Got your back, Dr Todd Gewant