Chiropractor Questions Hip Pain

How can a chiropractor help me treat my hip pain?

I have severe hip pain especially when I am driving. How can a chiropractor help in treating my condition?

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Yes a chiropractor can help with that.
The differential question needs to be knowing the exact location of the pain. Nerve tracing can be helpful here and it is done at our offices with a thermograph scanner. A postural full spine x ray will ascertain the pelvic bio-mechanics, and show the doctor what has to be done to correct this.
More than likely, yes. I would recommend you consult with a chiropractor about your symptoms.
A Chiropractor can examine your spinal alignment and see if the underlying cause is the low back or if it’s a true hip issue.
Within the world of Chiropractors, some Chiropractors, like myself, have specialized in the extremity joints. You will usually see a CCSP (Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner), or CCEP (Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner) behind the DC (Doctor of Chiropractic). Any joint in the body can become misaligned and/or lose its ability to move 100% (the way that GOD designed it to move). The loss of "normal" joint movement begins the death process of that particular joint, which shows up on the X-ray as "osteoarthritis." Therefore, the longer that you have a misalignment in a joint, the more likely it is that osteoarthritis will show up on the X-ray at the sight of the damaged joint. The difference between a new joint problem and an old joint problem (on X-ray) can be determined by the amount of degeneration (AKA osteoarthritis) that can be detected on the X-ray. So, the restoration of proper joint motion in your hip is critical in the salvation of the hip itself so that you won't be a candidate for hip replacement surgery in the future!
Spinal adjustments, exercise, posture changes
Your hips are likely not level. Getting adjusted will help level your hips and reduce the pain.
A Chiropractor can identify the structure(s) which are causing your pain, then correct them using appropriate techniques for your issue.
A chiropractor can definitely treat and correct the condition, but you must also find what the provoking factor is, and if it is always when that factor is present when your symptoms flare. Your seat may be the problem and may be corrected with a lumbar support pad/pillow for your car seat, if that IS the only time it truly gets aggravated. A good Chiro will help you find the provoking factors so you can heal and put the injury behind you, instead of a come-and-go disorder.

Hope I helped. Got your back!

Dr. Todd Gewant
First, a chiropractor needs to determine what is causing the pain. Is it a true hip problem, or is it due to a spinal problem, or could it be due to a compensation from the leg?

The solution can vary greatly based on your presentation, but we help many people with similar complaints.