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I'm curious. What are some of the most common reasons people need an emergency medicine doctor for?

What are some of the most common conditions or situations where adults or children would need an emergency medicine physician?

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I always tell people if you feel it’s an emergency - then it is. Most people visit the ER for abdominal pain, shortness of breath, chest pain, back pain, orthopedic injuries, and lacerations.
The most common reason people go to the ER relates to pain. Abdominal pain most often, but chest/back/muscle/joint -- with or without a history of injury or trauma -- to be evaluated and determined how to address. We see all comers for all reasons: orthopedic injuries, wounds, breathing difficulties, drug/alcohol use problems, social issues like abuse or loss of medical access to care, psychological issues. Whatever it is, we either treat it, or consult a specialist to address the issue.

Donald W. Alves, MD,MS,FACEP