Family Practitioner Questions Blood Pressure

Should I be concerned about my mother's blood pressure?

My 69 year old mother has not been feeling well the past few days. Last night her blood pressure was 185/70. Should I be concerned about this BP number?

2 Answers

That IS an elevated blood pressure. Many things can elevate blood pressure. Lack of sleep, anxiousness, decongestants. It important to rule these out prior to starting a lowerin agent. If there have been more than one elevation, medication may be needed. Additional work up to find the cause, may also be required.
Yes, you should be concerned. You have no idea as to how long her blood pressure has been raised to this amount. For every day that her blood pressure is over normal, her blood pressure “eats away” at her heart and kidneys. She needs to see a doctor, have her blood pressure monitored, and either placed on medications or have them adjusted if her blood pressure remains elevated.